Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Marching through March

 In March I went to NZ for a week or so - I flew to Auckland and then to Wellington and then drove up the coast - I love this coast line - it is usually wild and I pull on and enjoy it.

 the coast is just north of Pukerua Bay

always mostly grey and mysterious. Then I stopped at Levin for a coffee and my hire car which hadn't been exciting me, had a little light come on - 2 and half hours later a replacement car arrived. Hardly my idea of having fun.

 I popped down to Foxton Beach - this is where I spent a lot of my time when I was young - we used to be able to drive onto the beach then. I remember my father driving to Himitangi Beach along the sand and running out of petrol. My mother was not so excited I can tell you. Anyway I thought about getting out of the car - it was so windy and the sand was sure moving - I did to take this photo and got myself totally covered in sand. I guess you don't remember those things.
Foxton has a river running round the back - the Manawatu River - it used to be important - shipping and all of that - but that was a long time ago.  I checked out our house too but you shouldn't do that - my mother loved her garden. Ooh.... Not a lot to get excited about.

 I also checked out the graveyard once again visiting the ancients - my my great great grandparents still enjoying that spot on their own. Someone else had brought them white roses recently - they were fresh. I guess i have plenty of cousins I know nothing about, still living around the place. Shame I didn't know about them when I was young.

Bev and I went through to Woodville and had one of these yummy fruit icecreams which are popping up. Totally delicious it was.

 We drove over the saddle and checked out the wind mills. Some of them were off duty.

We went over to Wanganui and visited a couple of cousins and I took Bev to visit the dead. These are our grandparents and their very own rose bush was in bloom.  I also took her to the old cemetery in town to check out the older deads. I forgot to show her the Death family. Next time....

We called on Diana in her new home. Very nice.

Diana has always been shorter than us

And I am shorter than Bev - I think.

I seem to have a few for March so I will return.


Heather said...

It must have been a wonderful trip. I am always surprised that parts of New Zealand look so much like England, and then other areas are totally different.

Jick said...

Just back from NZ Dale and on your recommendation sought out The Mussel Kitchen on the Coramandel. We were not disappointed and voted them the best mussels we had on our trip. Thanks for the tip.


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