Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 month down

 Just in the nick of time I got my last 2 summer stitchings finished - I didn't think I would get that far so I am quite impressed with myself. They don't look much but you cup fabric and weave it and stitch it all - that takes time.

The last one I used all my thread scraps and tiny fabric scraps and made a heart - it got a bit swamped and messy but it proved my point to use up all the bits. Anyway now I can get ready for February's personal challenge which is going to be rather different indeed and quite experimental as I work out what I am doing as I go along. I have an idea in my head but nothing else.

We are working on our waterlily garden - well Ian is digging out and levelling up - we bought this glorious pot -     after spending ages at one place the past two weekends we moved to another nursery and decided we liked the stone better

and we got two smaller ones to match - moved the native iris to several other spots and we will see it is survives - it has wonderful flowers - the waterlily on the right back has flowered in anticipation. It will be lovely once it is all done.

I am working on a bowl - here it is drying upside down - waiting to see if it worked and then I will remove it from the mould.

Harley sitting in her box which is about half her size and full of a lovely hand dyed piece of wool and a big bag of sequins I have discovered. You never know.


Heather said...

Glorious colours in your stitched piece and I love the pot. Your garden will look beautiful when all is in place and the plants are doing their stuff. I thought Harley was helping with the gardening for a moment but maybe she is taking up textiles.

Robin Mac said...

Does Harley think the wool needs compressing perhaps?
Love the colours on your stitching pieces. Cheers


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