Friday, January 30, 2015

Workshop 2 in Adelaide

My second workshop was titled Fabrik-Fun and it was the first time I have taught this as a stand alone so I was a little anxious and it was also a big class in a not quite so perfect classroom. But they were wonderful and told me they enjoyed it all.

We did some dry felt my style before stitching - it is all supposed to be relaxing.

Some lovely velvet being stitched in. You can't go past beautiful hand dyed silk/rayon velvet.

Some great weaving coming up - have I ever said I love weaving and stitching ?

Another delightful piece

This one is so ethereal - love it

Another work underway

And the leaves around the school were such glorious colours

Catherine had a great time here - weaving and making sari ribbon flowers

Then we got to some other sorts of weaving

Lovely layers and embossed velvet and stitch

Weaving more

And more stitch

And more weaving

And some more weaving - wonderful colours

Wonderful colour move

Annette was working away on her tiny corner creating some great stuff


And starting to to stitch and place

And Julia had fun with my special velvet and prefelt technique

Some weaving


More weaving - these people used colour and texture so well


Colour just lovely

And my little effort - embossing on velvet ribbon and weaving and stitching - still to finish

As you can see, there was loads of lovely work produced and I hope they keep on with them. I am still unpacking my suitcase with my samples and supplies!


Heather said...

What lovely samples and experiments. Your students must have had a super time with you.

Boud said...

These are great fun to browse through. And, as a longtime workshop creator and teacher, I sympathize with the nerves ahead of time, particularly when your teaching space is not very teacher friendly. But the students usually make up for all that bigtime.

Maggi said...

Stunning pieces and I'm sure that you will have inspired them to keep on going with them.


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