Friday, January 16, 2015

playing and stuff

 I have been writing a blog since 2006 - it seemed a strange thing to start - sort of like the diaries you began in Jan each year but only lasted a few days. I even had one with a lock and key which I wrote in twice and locked it up and promptly lost the key. But I have always written - copious notebooks and journals full of words. A blog seemed to be an easy follow on. I use it for personal stuff not just textile stuff - it does say ramblings - textile related or not. Each year at the beginning I buy a blog to print copy which is a wonderful record to keep. I did say the other day that we are 2 weeks behind this year and so the one I have just received is not last year's but the year before. Looks like I need to get last year's as well. But it was great to open it up and have a memory trip. They present them well for you. I haven't been writing as often as I used to - I think it is something to do with time.

Next week I am off to Adelaide to teach at the Embroiderers Guild Summer School with two pretty full classes - Text-ile and Fabrik-Fun. I packed two boxes full of stuff which went off on Wed and got there today - at least I don't have to worry that they aren't going to arrive. I am also trading on the Friday in their Trading Afternoon so I had to think what I could take for that as well. Since then I have had a chance to play with a few ideas in my head so if you read this and are coming to my Text-ile class then bring a some newspaper in your theme and plenty of fusible webbing!

This is some of the Broome newspaper I still had - running low so it must be time for another visit. I must remember to collect a newspaper where ever I travel - I didn't bring one back from New York. I still have loads of Shanghai ones from when Kelvin sent me heaps and I only needed one!

Naturally I sprayed it with my favourite sprays and hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow to add to it. Love the idea of what I am doing and I can see heaps of further things happening.

 I finished my first two pages from New York City - a papery one for one side

and a fabricky one for the other. Hopefully they will grow as I play with my sewerage covers.

We have been very busy which is why we are still behind but manage to relax in the garden by the Weber Q most nights when we don't go out to eat with friends and ourselves. Our tree update - so many of you ask - well it is slow and sometimes I feel a little despondent but it does have green leafy pockets and you can see little new growth - becasue it was poisoned we have so much in the way of dead leaves and branches to drive us nuts - having to sweep them up etc all the time.but we are ever hopeful - it gets loads of water - it gets its fertilizer and it gets its sugar treatment. About as spoilt as Harley and the mulberry tree loves the attention as well.

We have had some wonderful new stuff arrive and be added to the web

 Soft Cotton

Flower Thread - I love stitching with both of them

and then we have finally started adding the Wool Stash Bundles to the web - there are about 50 to go
This one is Spring Green

So that is my story for today - I really am hoping to blog more this year - facebook is immediate and disappears down the line but a blog is a diary.

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Heather said...

It's interesting to look back over diaries and blogs - it's so easy to forget things.
I love your New York pages, specially the papery one and those flower threads are gorgeous. Newspaper takes on a whole new look when sprayed with a favourite colour.
Enjoy your workshops and I bet your table on the trading day will be sold out.


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