Wednesday, August 06, 2014

W A Craft Show 2014

 The WA Craft Show in Perth has been and gone for another year and what a great show it was. As all of those who read my blog know we have a huge stand - described by Maggie Grey as a North West ranch - Mareene who owns True Blue Exhibitions and who tirelessly organizes this show every year - supports us and we support her. The best boutique craft show in the West with an added bonus of a super wood show downstairs as well. All that wood and shavings and men....


 We thought our stand looked good this year - well it always does but seemed so well set out this year - I did leave stuff at home for a change.... We got our van on Monday night and filled it up doing two deliveries on Wed and then managed to set everything up on Thursday after a leisurely breakfast and out by 6pm to a leisurely meal with not too much to do before the doors opened on Friday at 9.30am. Here is the lovely Debbie behind the servery - we have fabulous staff at the show who slip in and work well - Lisa came on Saturday  and was a great addition to the clan.

 Here is Jaslyn in charge of all the surrounds - see the magazines? Practically nothing left at the end.

 The stencil stands making their yearly appearance - 4 stands both sides and still not enough space for them all. The stencils were a huge winner - we have sold out of heaps and many only have 1 or 2 left. Never fear - there is a new lot of new ones on way pretty soon.


This was my demo area - all the paints and stamps and sprays and textile art stuff.

Celia Player was our wonderful guest artist - many years ago in Alice Springs I met Celia at Forum and did a workshop with her - Celia is an artist who draws so well - and stitches from her drawings. She ran a two day class after the show which I am sure everyone enjoyed. More about art and drawing than just playing with techniques. Old school does well.

Caroline Sharkey was a guest of the show with her wonderful landscapes. Caroline is so full of energy and was whizzing up stuff at a rapid rate. Doubt if she ever sleeps. Caroline is one of the tutors at our Broome Artistic Retreat in August 2015. More of that coming in a short while. Watch our website for details as soon as we are ready to roll. You will love her class and hopefully Jacinta's and mine!

The lovely Ali George brought the SAQA exhibition to the show - we were privileged to have it first in Australia. Plus Ali was demonstrating and I know she sold out of her beautiful hand dyed fabrics on day 1. We hope she returns next year as it is a real pleasure to see her. In fact she was whispering tome about something special in the activity line at the show for 2015.

There were lots of great exhibitions - I always forget to take photos - and I thought a good balance of retail stands this year.

I did quite a bit of demoing off and on - mostly playing with the different paints I use. I had a lot of requests for what I use and how I use so as soon as I get a few moments I will write another blog entry on the different paints I love to play with and how.

I played with my Gelli plate - this was one of our polymer stamps which promptly sold out.

and I used paint, stencils, Inktense Blocks

and more of same

mop up cloth - I played with cotton fabric - Tissutex - deli paper - Evolon

more mop up cloth

and finally I hung my World of Colour entry on the wall as a work in progress and took it down at night to further stitch. It is nearly finished and will be on its way hopefully by Friday.

After the show with the help of Jaslyn, Oliver, Marion and Gray we were out of the venue in 1 hour - emptied the cars but left the van until Monday. Now I am working my way through the boxes gently unpacking, counting, sorting, reordering and all that stuff. We sold a lot of stuff I have observed.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show and took home lovely goodies to add to their stashes. It was great to see you and we love you all.


Rebecca said...

Wow Dale what a great Show!

Heather said...

That looks like a fabulous show Dale - I could bankrupt myself at your stall! I love your Gelli plate prints and other samples. Glad it all went so well for you.

Amanda said...

Fab show! I'm liking the look of Caroline's work. Look forward to seeing it under construction in Broome!


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