Sunday, August 24, 2014

to Sydney and back and a fabbo AB win

 Last weekend we went to Sydney to check up on Grant and Hannah - where they are staying in Double Bay until the end of the year - right on the water so this was the view -

I did like the castle next door as well

Coffee is always on the books when you go away although I really do prefer it at home when made by Ian - he should just take his machine with him every trip. However shows we were relaxing and doing nothing.

 Spotted in Double Bay

We had a very nice meal at Puttina Trattoria in Woolhara - great little restaurant. Grant cooked a bbq the first night - very good.

I started a little stitching - love that gimp and a whole lot more arrived this week

Spotted Reg Mombassa near the Sydney Opera House

Sat night we went to the rugby - what a dour game. A draw and so many silly ref decisions. We spent all day worryinga bout getting wet because Grant was told our seats were in the open - and it surely did rain - so we were very relieved to be under cover. Didn't improve the game though.

Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens - loads of beautiful tulips in flower - Spring is a coming.

We visited the ATASDA exhbition - just a few pictures of work by people I know who would not mind - this is Cindy Copper

Toni Valentine
and Gloria Muddle

and some glorious sweet william on the way out. We managed to miss the Art Gallery - next time. We were having r and r after all

Checked these out on our wandering as well.

This week since we got back has been very busy but I did manage to get my article finished - playing with a Japanese theme. You will have to buy Embellish to see more!

And of course yesterday was the second Bledisloe rugby game in Auckland with a wonderful result.

Today we are busy doing whatever it is that we are doing - tomorrow morning we are off to Broome very early to finalise the Broome Retreat. Read about it here - hopefully everything will be sorted - we will be busy rushing around sorting things out and maybe having a swim or two - I might even take my little piece from above and finish it off.


Heather said...

The quilts and sculptures are wonderful and I love the spring flowers, especially as we are suddenly facing autumn. We call those sweet williams, polyanthus, over here. Your Japanese themed piece is so evocative.

Julie said...

I'm echoing Heather's comments, a thoroughly enjoyable post. Glad you had a great R & R.


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