Saturday, May 17, 2014

Workshops in Palmerston North

 I enjoyed my two workshops in Palmerston North - day one was Text-ile - working with cloth, paper, image and text and the class produced some great work. I didn't note who owned which I am sorry to say but I really enjoyed that they put their own-ness into what they did. It often takes some people most of the day to get stuck in for all manner of reasons. Workshops don't actually bring out the most activity in me - i like to make notes and think so I often do very little. I don't think that is a crime.

This is Jane's which unfortunately got lost at the end of the day - she was just starting to scratch back the black gossamer fuse

 I think I influenced them with my weaving - it is something I enjoy doing.

 SOmelovely elements appearing here

 and yes we sprayed newspaper and made silk paper

 I know this is Margaret's - some lovely ideas being worked on

 woven papers - some people asked how to keep it all together - you know that the fairies always need breathing holes....

 torn shapes starting out

 this lady was very quiet and really didn't know where to start but I loved what she produced.

a glorious piece of weaving and flowers - would love to see how it worked out.

Day Two was fabrik-fun but somehow I think they managed to escape my camera.


Bev said...

What fun it looked .Great work

Heather said...

Wonderful pages and all so different. You must all have had such a great time.


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