Friday, May 30, 2014

moving right along once more

Such excitement - Miss Austen with her bonnet and bow and us $1100 poorer. Poor little Harley had an enormous abscess - the biggest and nastiest the vet had seen and it was all touch and go but she has been pretty well behaved and especially spoilt but after a week she did get rather bored until her stitches came out and her bonnet came off. Now she is back to normal and back in action.

as chief helper even managing to turn Ian's computer off!

In the meantime we thought our Weber Q was going to be a long way off but thanks to Grant a special delivery came last week and you can see the happy chappy having unpacked it and set it all up ready for action. I think we have used it almost every night even moving it under the shelter when it rained.

 Lid up and ready to cook. It is wonderful......

I have been enjoying weaving and stitching -- this is a  secret garden flimsie I have cut and woven and stitched and I am currently using the scraps to create 'fabric' with the embellisher for further work. I have put it aside for the moment because I started another to enter Desert Threads.

cut, woven and stitching begun

a section underway - lots to go and then my plan is to also enter in the Moulin Rouge one - time for my Paris shoes to make another appearance.

Just so you think I have stopped chasing red shoes - Bev spotted these in Palmerston North and came rushing to get me - and they were on a very good special and they are comfortable as well. Couldn't resist them.

Right now I am furiously working on my Issue 5 of e-mag articles  - one is definitely influence by red. If you are up for renewal, do so soon as the free pdf for renewing runs out on 1st June. Thanks to all those who have renewed - makes me feel it really worth while. do let your friends know if you think they would enjoy it too. Some great articles coming up.

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Heather said...

Ouch! to that vets bill but Harley looks so content now she is almost back to normal. That's a very elegant barbecue - no wonder Ian is smiling. Love your woven stitchy pieces and the boots.


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