Sunday, January 05, 2014

it's 2104 and moving right along - already

 When you go away you work very hard before you go and then start all over again when you get back - but it was a lovely break and our brains did have a holiday. Because it was about the 40th year I hadn't made my pavlova for Christmas, I decided to make it for the new year and very nice it was too. We paced ourselves with a helping each for a few days. We had a nice new year's eve in the back garden with a bbq and amazingly it has been quite cool at night although I think all of that is about to change.

I have spent all weekend working - surprise - packaging loads of Maori carded wool - it takes for ages and tomorrow I will do the last lot. I have more than enough things on my list but I am very pleased with myself becasue I have sent out all of the POMs - even though they are no longer on the web we still have a heap of people receiving them every month. Plus I have got quite a few of the clubs ready to post - and for me it is only 5th of the month. Plus I have a new club ready to announce as well.

 I have only been up to the studio late in the afternoon this weekend - bit of a swizz but I cut up lots of fabric for a project and have a big basket full up for tomorrow's action.

 The newspaper I was working on - I have now started on hand dyed fabric - added extras and twin needled it all. This is just a small section of something I am hoping to get done in time to enter it for an exhibition - if I don't finish I have other plans.

 I also cut and rolled our new hand dyed hessian - love stitching on this surface - and these are two of the little stacks. Ian has had the naming rights for the stacks. -

Tonight we took ourselves down to the river for fish n chips.


Julie said...

The pavlova looks delicious and must have been worth waiting for. The dyed hessian looks beautiful, it's not something I've stitched on before.

Heather said...

The pavlova looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what comes of the stack of fabric pieces and the twin-needled piece. Love the hessian colours.

Unknown said...

that is a beautiful cake!


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