Sunday, November 17, 2013

Licorice Allsorts

Allsorts because it has been a very busy week with lots happening. I spotted these down in Northbridge the other night when we were out walking.

 Very hot weather but we have been having our beloved bbqs - did you realise that if we had daylight saving in this state we might save a bit of power - we spend an hour from 5am trying to avoid the light and then we have to put the lights on at night when we sit outside - just how eco-unfriendly is that I ask?
Anyway I love red peppers and the bbq does them well

 I am onto a new salad - always trying new salads - this one has rocket and beetroot and goats cheese and walnuts - yum.

 I am working away on stitchy samples for the e-mag - it is staring to fall into place

 On Wed night we went to Leonard Cohen at the Arena - was it fabulous - yes? three and half hours of pleasure,


The first horror was that the meat was marinating for a bbq and we were relaxing with a glass of champers when Ian discovered that Foxtel was not broadcasting the  game - not have the rights - so changes afoot - meat back in fridge and off to the Inglewood pub for dinner and game. It was a tough game but they got there and in the last 20 minutes showed why they are the best team in the world. England put on a good show. We had the company of lots of young kiwis who had drunk more than us but they were friendly enough and we were all on the same side.

During the week we went to Bivouac Canteen and Bar - really enjoyed it - there are some great places popping up - eat your heart out the restaurants we no longer wish to visit.

There has been a bit of discussion on the gelli plate fb page about deli paper and everyone panics because they can't buy it in Australia or UK - not sure what it is like etc etc.I have some but I also hear that there are some deli papers better than other deli papers. These are some of my letters - I am sure we all collect them and I have quite a healthy few - they are hard to get these days. The Making Memories ones - I think- seemed to have been discontinued. I will have some lovely ones in January I hope - I have been searching. I thought I would try them on the gelli plate - I am working with the letter V

This is the US deli paper - it has a crease down the middle - like all papers takes paint well - you can print on it etc.

 This is Multix which I bought from my local IGA - all I am trying to say is try what is in your supermarket,

And this is tissutex because I love it and always use it. When it layers it responds the same as the other two - in fact it goes really transparent. And fabulous for stitching with fibrous strength the others don't have.

My new toy - my thermofax - is up and running and I have been playing - not for public eyes yet as I am rather heavy handed and working on no bleeding. Naturally I did have to create tiny screens with fine detail on them but that's the challenge,

We have been busy loading new things to the website but there is more to come including our new glass buttons which are a bit to die for so hang in there and wait. We have added the Christmas Hampers - thanks for the fast response from some - we will be starting posting them from tomorrow until 15th Dec.
in the meantime off to sweep the back garden and get the bbq underway. And happy birthday to Hannah - hope you are being spoilt rotten....


Heather said...

So much to take in. Love those street sculptures - very quirky. Your salads look delicious. Congrats to the All Blacks - we got very excited at one point but they got us in the end. Brilliant game. I still haven't come across deli paper here nor have I succumbed to a Gelli plate - yet! Love what you do with yours.

glenys coombridge said...

Dale, is deli paper like the non greaseproof lunch wrap? or maybe baking paper?

Downunderdale said...

Glenys - it is sort of crisp like and more like Multix which we have here - nonwax - not like baking paper though - crisp would be the best word i can use to describe it

Numinosity said...

Leonard Cohen, oh my, so jealous! Sounds like a good long one too. I would have enjoyed that salad as well.

Numinosity said...

Leonard Cohen, oh my, so jealous! Sounds like a good long one too. I would have enjoyed that salad as well.


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