Thursday, September 05, 2013

spring has sprung

 Spring has sprung and the days right now are glorious - a good time of the year. We have had lots of rain which we need and before too long it will be hot hot and more hot so this is oxtail just out of the oven for basically our last winter meal. Waiting for bbq time to start - Ian has to go buy a new one first. I am gathering some new salad recipes in preparation but actually the back garden needs a spring over first. however Issue 2 of threads.In-fusion comes first.

 I have got my three different sorts of paper - deli paper - local waxed paper from the supermarche and Tissutex. I don't usually work with black and white so dithered around a bit then I decided to collage some to a background but not with a medium like most people do but with CMC paste. Why? Who knows....
The deli paper everyone tells me is great translucent but as I have painted it with Opulent paints and blanche and triesse are opaque not translucent, there is no seeing through. Then I just had a play and stitchied all over the surface. The interesting thing is that triesse which has gold mica in the black (yum) came out black on the deli paper and the waxed paper but you can see the gold on the Tissutex - this will be because Tissutex is a fibrous paper and the others are not.

I simply turned it upside down to photograph it. Play play very important so we will see where I go with this one.

We have been very busy this week - lots of things arriving some not on the web yet but very nice to see one of my little pieces on the front cover of Embellish.

I haven't replaced my laptop yet and am missing my inkjet printer so when I have cleared a space by the big computer I will be able to pop it there. Too much stuff but I can't play with what.

Last night we went out with Val and Jim who are supposed to on their way back on a cruise which didn't and tonight we are off out with Jaslyn to a new restaurant for us. We will be enormously pleased when the election is over and the way the polls tell it, the voters will get what they deserve but don't complain to us. Far more important - two rugby games to watch on Saturday.


Heather said...

Love your black and white experiments. I have Tissutex and waxed paper from the linings of cereal packets but am not sure what deli paper is.
Nothing seems to change after an election no matter who you voted for or who wins. Old and cynical, that's me!

Virginia said...

Dale, I'm really not the person to be commenting on this, as we're not BBQ people, but friends of ours bought themselves a medium sized Webber BBQ and they are raving about it. They reckon it turns out fabulous food and that it's much easier to maintain and clean than anything they've had before....


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