Sunday, September 22, 2013

crumbs it is Sunday again already

 Not quite sure where the time has gone - we seem to have been incredibly busy. The bottlebrush tree is alive with flowers - the plants have still not been planted in the front garden - the rain and storms have arrived again although the damns are nowhere near full enough. Strange seasons.

 Grant has been and returned from San Francisco and they ended up 3rd so a place on the podium. The America's Cup is going on and on - the last elusive win for Team NZ is not here. Tomorrow they say - but tomorrow seems a long way away.

We enjoyed the rugby last Saturday and will do so next Saturday I am sure.

I have started on hand stitching again with the plan to move into experimental ideas. I have started one of my articles for Issue 3 of  threads-in.Fusion - I found one of my experimental pieces using buttonhole stitch. It looks like like fireworks, don't you think? 

Ian is down to doing the business end stuff for Issue 2 and the web page will change soon so that new subs will start from that. So today is your last change to subscribe if you want to start from Issue 1. I am so impatient but he is working on all of the links etc - the sort of detail I always ignore. I will be sending the codes etc out as soon as he has finished.

Here is what I have been playing with - fly stitch - one of my favourites and ripe for experimenting with. Loads more to come. Issue 3 incidentally will be titled Stitchy Stitchy and we have lots of interesting articles coming up for that.

In the meantime I have started packing for Ally Pally - our boxes go on Friday - I have rolled and labelled many Flimsies and today I made up a pile of Time to Experiment packs. I hadn't realized how few we have left. So another busy week coming up. Just as well we have booked our holiday for after the show.


Heather said...

Congrats to Grant - you must be very proud of him. Love the bottlebrush flower and your stitched 'fireworks'. Can't believe it's time for you to prepare for Ally Pally again - what happened to the year? Don't work too hard but it makes my life more interesting that you do! Thanks.

Robin Mac said...

Congrats to Grant, and hopefully tomorrow congrats to team NZ in the America's cup, the suspense is killing! I love the stitching, really looking forward to issue 2, you will need your holiday by the time you have packed and gone to Ally Pally and packed to send stuff home! Cheers


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