Sunday, March 07, 2010

stitchy stuff and an outing

Not a good weekend for NZ rugby teams this one - let's try for next weekend shall we?
At least the weather has been better. We had a nice bbq last night - it has been too hot to even think about it. Bruce is working his way up through Japan on his cycling expedition and we are working our way through our tasks. Kazuko - yes - take the opportunity to buy some new shoes while he is gone....

I stitched up some little stitchy bits yesterday to work on - see what happens.

Today we are off to Mandurah on the train - and to the exhibition. Will take the camera


Virginia said...

Hi Dale,

Just caught up with yesterday's blog - those shoes are drop-dead-gorgeous!! What brand? Josef Seibel?

They look comfortable too - I will choose comfort over fashion every time, but they look to have both covered.

BTW - I was asked about a product that is a fabric you sew on and then it shrinks in (hot/warm?) water . . . I told the person to go to the thread studio but then I couldn't see it! DO you have it . . does it exist?


Heather said...

Best of luck to Bruce. Glad it's a bit cooler for you and I love the stitchery. Looking forward to seeing pics of the exhibition.


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