Saturday, January 24, 2009

rugby has started...

I know you wil all be excited to hear that the rugby season has started. Well actually only the preseason games which don't mean anything. Last night the Force vs Crusaders at Perth Oval - our local park - there were over 18,000 people there - sold out. I hope this send a very clear signal to the powers that be that we don't want to go to Subiaco Oval - we want to see our favourite rugby guys just a few doors away from our house - we had a bbq beforehand - one of Ian's specials - for the gang and a few extras. The Crusaders won. On April 10th my beloved Hurricanes are playing in Perth but I am not going because it will be at Subi Oval and you can't see the action. So we will wacth it on the big screen at Bruce and Kaz's place.
I have started my Stone book (when I should be doing something quite different) but couldn't resist making my first book page using silk paper made with cocoon strippings - plus Starburst Sprays twin needling with one supertwist thread to give that reflection you often see in nature and some hand stitching. A good start I hope. I have also been making easy peasy silk paper for another rusty book - no pockets just pages. Show you when I have finished it.

Long weekend this weekend due to Australia Day on Monday. Don't forget the lamb on the barby.


Laurence said...

Very beautiful piece.

Stitchety Grub said...

So glad to hear that someone else is easily side tracked to other projects too LOL!
I am looking forward to seeing the easy peasy silk paper rust book .....Have a great Australia Day

Julie said...

Enjoy your holiday weekend, Dale.


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