Friday, January 09, 2009

Hot Hot Hot and Magic Moulding Mesh

This is the 9th day in a row we have had temperatures over 30 and the weekend is going to be hotter. It kinda wears you out. As soon as the sea breeze arrives (if it does) we turn off the air con and open every window up. They call our sea breeze the Fremantle Doctor - it helps relieve the pain.....

Magic Moulding Mesh - as soon as Lynda (Purple Missus) wrote about it on her blog I knew I would be inundated with requests. We do have it and have had it since August but I haven't had time to action it. It is sitting in a big box in our kitchen waiting for me to package and write my notes and play with it some more. Plus I only have 10 colours and I have been scouring for others. Hopefully it will make it to the web next week but we have it in these colours
gold, lime, lavender, orange, black, peach, fuchsia/gold, ivory, purple, green/gold - the colour above is fuchsia/gold. It comes approx 75cm x 53cm and is $4.00 a packet with notes.

My explorations - well I have sitched on it, trapped things inside using the embellisher, heat gunned it, manipulated it, layered it and heated and as I also have magic wiggley mesh in red and lime green, I have been trapping this inside too. The wiggley one is $3.50 a piece and again I have been looking for other colours but no luck yet.

It's great fun to play with and for all the wacky textiley things we do.....

You can order it from us - but don't look on the web for it yet. Today Ian made me stand outside in the hot sun holding the roll of white fabric over the silk fibre basket so he could photograph it - so now you can see the silk by the fibre - that is on the web.

We shall collapse tonight and go eat salt and pepper squid at Koinonia.


M Dawson said...

Oh goody. I don't feel quite so alone melting in C34 heat yesterday.

This new stuff looks interesting. I must start stock piling if I am considering doing a modest City and Guilds in Machine Embroidery!

Maureen said...

Could do with some of that warmth over here, it is sooooooo cold!!!


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