Monday, January 07, 2019

2019 - the year of the vignettes

2019 - a new year - fresh ideas - there is always a hiatus towards the end of a year and while I had lots of things on my list of what to do, I thought about this and decided it would be a ME year rather than an everyone else year. There are always so many things one wants to do and as we get a wee bit older, we all have so much to achieve in so little time. Well - it sometimes seems like that.

So - along with hopefully lots of travelling and stuff this year - and we have been so luck to have been able to do a reasonable amount of it in the past - I have decided to create a little Vignette each week - each an A5 size and each will be different - different theme - different style - some things i enjoy doing - some things I am still learning and some things I have not yet learnt. Hand and machine stitch - fabrics and papers and anything which takes my fancy.

This is week 1 - Syd and Ethel - my paternal grandparents- sadly I did not know them - they died when I was very young.


Heather said...

What a lovely idea. I am waiting for inspiration to strike but think I shall have to give it a kick start. I love this piece and might borrow your idea by going through two big boxes of family photos which I have yet to get into some kind of order. Happy New Year and success with all you take on in 2019.

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