Wednesday, November 09, 2016

All manner of happenings

It's been a busy couple of weeks since we got back from Europe - but I have managed to get the front and back covers out and in finished for my grannie book and have worked a tiny bit on some of the other little books I started ages back. This little hexie idea I have further plans for - none of this papers in the back stuff for me - it actually sounds rather boring.   Two great concerts we have been to - last week the ACO and we simply loved the programme. Sorry to have missed the one while we were away but them's the breaks. And then last night we went to the Tallis Scholars and they were simply sublime.    The All Blacks have gone on their northern tour and played Ireland in Chicago last Sunday morning. Not shown live on Fox so we paid for the privilege of getting up at 4am for live streaming on my computer screen (a large one) but in a  small space. It was a fabulous game with Ireland winning and deserved. I don't think it is a bad thing for the ABs to lose - and it is good for rugby and anyway if any team had to beat them, Ireland was the best. We watched the 2013 game down town in a bar full of Irish folk who were devastated at the end - not us of course. The game in Ireland next weekend will be well worth getting up at any time for!  

I am amazing myself by managing to keep up with the 100 days project - up to day 78 and still going. I started on it because I thought it would be a good discipline and doubted if I would manage it - I feel that if I don't post every day I will quickly miss the plot. It is keeping me out of mischief.

I am also working rather furiously on quite a few other things but they will keep.

Big weekend coming up - Grant and Hannah are getting married - last Sat was Hannah's hen party - a little bit different from the kitchen tea I do remember my mother organising some thousand years ago.

at least I got to drink champagne.

So right now, apart form being shocked by the US presidential elections like we did with Brexit - I am wondering if it all stems from our tree being poisoned - we are welcoming our relations and off to Margaret River for the wedding.


Heather said...

I love your hexies and stitched piece. I don't know how you find time to do your own work on top of everything else. Congrats to Grant and Hannah. More busy times ahead.

Penny said...

Busy, busy. Have a good wedding, loving your circles.

Robin Mac said...

What a busy time! I love what you have been doing.
Lucky you to have those wonderful concerts in Perth.
Hen parties are surely different from the showers we all had before we were married! Enjoy the wedding. Cheers


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