Sunday, May 10, 2015

finally finished my big kimberley dreaming

 I think I have finally finished my big Kimberley Dreaming - I have fiddled and added and stitched and played since about October last year - it is much bigger than what you need to make for the  Kimberley Dreaming Exhibition but I hope Elizabeth will hang it with it - now to move onto some small ones - I absolutely adore stitching by hand on Flimsies - and i have been working with our hand dyed silks threads in Medium and fine, in cotton, gimp, Painters threads in cotton floss, flower thread, metallic braid, rayon and Razzle and Dazzle (watch this space) and totally loving the Sue Spargo Milliners #1 needle. Should have tried this years ago!

 A detail - and I love stitching circles - I have used my embellisher to create these from Kimberley Dreaming merino wool and then added stitch.

 And some more detail - the colour is maybe a little too yellow but it works,

 Yesterday watched the rugby of course and the Hurricanes won their 10th game - they have only lost one game this season - exciting times

Prince Harry was at the game and so they seem to have renamed yesterday Harrycane

 They gave him a jersey and something for the new princess - very happy Captain Conrad

And Cory Jane looks pretty animated chatting away to Harry - wonder if he will remember what he said.

This week I am onto beaches - then back to my pintucks. I have spent all of today putting together new Victory Topic packs - they look so good but instead of eating them we are going to bbq again - still great weather for it.

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Heather said...

Love the Kimberley Dreaming piece - it is lit up by all the beautiful stitching. Prince Harry seems to have had a great time in Australia and looks at ease where ever he goes.


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