Sunday, February 15, 2015

seeing things and hanging about and some play this week

 We have managed 4 outings at the Fringe Festival which is the best for us. There are so many things you can go to and usually with us there is so much we do nothing but this year we have made a concerted effort. Three excellent out of 4 was good. Last Sat we went to a very crass event where I do hope they still have their day jobs.  on Tuesday we went to La Soiree at the Pleasure Gardens which has expended this year. It was fabulous and just so professional.

I loved all the acts so it was hard to decide on a pic but the puppets were brilliant and very clever. this particular one was amazing.

 Perth has been Giant mad this week with these two large giants trotting all around the place. We went down to Weld Square yesterday and saw the Girl Giant snoring away.

 Fortunately there weren't too many people around. Cost $5million to put this event on.

The 18ft Skiffs are having their champs in Sydney - Grant is crewing on DeLonghi this year - they came 5th today - we are looking forward to being there later in the week.

 I am working on holes - pretty basic stuff - this is a flimsie all holes cut. I came across a wonderful image on the net which has set me off

 I have started working it - lots of needlefelting from the back and hand stitching on the top

I am using a wool thread and have loads to go but it is starting to fall into place.

Finally -
a) rugby report - yes - the Super 15 season has started and the Hurricanes won their first game for the first time in 5 years. Wonderful stuff.
b) tree report - the tree is looking pretty good. Thanks for everyone who asks. The green stuff is very green and we think we can even see new growth - now that the bore pipe is fixed it is loving all that healthy water. Karma is happening - maybe.....

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Heather said...

The Festival looks like a lot of fun for everyone. I love the holes piece and the thread you are stitching with. Good luck to Grant and hopefully a bit more rain for your tree.


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