Friday, December 19, 2014

This and that and where does time go?

Wonderful Hyde Park - the Perth one near us!

I thought I would mention wonderful Wellie once more - it is once again one of the world's top cities - no 6 in fact. And my favourite and i love other cities as well but I always love coming down the gorge - the weather part doesn't worry me but on a lovely day, it cannot be beaten.

When we were in Wellington a couple of weeks ago, we checked out somewhere new - the Museum of Wellington - City and Sea - and one we will explore more next time. There is a fabulous documentary on the Wahine disaster - on that particular day in April 1968, we were at varsity in Christchurch and I remember just what a terrible weather day it was there as well.  There are fabulous boards of history - I was particularly interested in the 1940 Great Exhibition - my parents had a pie stand and sold heaps - my father always told me that Mr Hitler stuffed up his chances of early retirement by declaring war.

We also enjoyed a brief visit to the Botanic Gardens and enjoyed the roses - it was a little late in the afternoon and cold - I used to take my boys there when we lived there.

I indulged myself with a bottle of Foxton Fizz for nostalgia - - if you want to read about it - it was at the other end of town and only for a very very special treat as my mother did not approve.

We have been very busy since we got back and things will quieten down now for a while but we have a long list of things to do - the e-mag is getting closer to being ready although one of us is still busy stitching away. I have been exploring all sorts of new things but I am keeping them until the new year - above is something very new which won't be available until mid January but great effects with deColourant. Watch out for these sponges. I must go back and try them on the gelli plate. My studio has been vacuumed which means the floors etc look great - all thos cobwebs making me feel guilty have vanished. My big table is getting clearer but of course i now have more baskets full of themed thoughts all over the place......

It is hotting up in Perth so looks like air con in studio.

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Heather said...

Lovely pics and fascinating history. Those sponges look good. Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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