Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Off to Brisbane and here is the question.

Off to beautiful Brisbane today - not that we will see much of it - we fly in tonight, set up tomorrow at TAF, work three days and fly home on Monday morning. We have had lots of lovely rain over night - excellent for our new garden which  is looking very good. We have been removing any weed which dares to show its face the minute it appears and some of the new plants are almost ready to flower - hope they wait until we get back.

If you are coming to the Textile Art Festival, we look forward to seeing you, either at our stand no 62 or at the Artists Working Studio (either Jacinta or me at any given time) and do check out the Textile Tantrums.

For our wonderful newsletter readers who will be coming, your question is (change of sporting code here as an exception....)
What is the name of the New Zealand soccer team?
Remember - first two each day. ps - don't write the answer here - it gives it away!!!!! you have to come with it in person....

Cheers until Monday - I can say the big suitcase is packed but I can't say my stuff is even started but it will be by noon when we fly off towards the east.


Heather said...

Hope you have good flights and a super weekend - and that your flowers are waiting to welcome you home.

lisa_crofts said...

Travel safe Dale! Checked out Mamma Vittoria's Monday we had a great meal with fabulous service. Thanks for the tip.

Judy said...

Happy and safe travelling Dale & Ian.

Judy said...

Happy and safe travelling Dale & Ian.

Shane Pollard said...

Hi Dale

hope you had a successful trip to Brisbane!

Yes the All Whites were awesome!
The AB's were pretty good too!

I'm following you - I thought I had done that a couple of weeks back - another lost to cyberspace I guess!!

Robin Mac said...

I see you have another Chinese comment too - I haven't worked out how to delete it off mine yet. Will try again tomorrow. Cheers, Robin


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