Friday, October 06, 2006

Val Campbell-Harding

I feel very sad today - I have just had news that Val had a massive heart attack yesterday and died. She has always been my mentor and has encouraged me from day one. The textile art world will be a sadder place without her but we will be able to pore over her writings forever. She introduced me to FS Black Jewel, beading, tassel making, design work and bullied me into writing an article for Design-It magazine. I did workshops with her (all of them) when she came to WA about 10 years ago and devoured everything she taught me. I doubt if I have ever been so inspired in a workshop again. She is also the person who encouraged me to get an Embellisher to play with. I shall miss her words of wisdom very much.


Anonymous said...

Vale, Val - she will indeed be missed. I never met her in person, but I love her books and consider her one of my embroidery heroes.


Helen from Canberra said...


I agree with everything that has been said about Valerie Campbell Harding. I don't know her personally but her books for me have been an inspiration and there's rarely a day goes by that I don't use them for reference

Regards Helen

Anonymous said...

I feel pretty much the same about Val as you Dale. I did a whole year's C&G course on machine embroidery with her and several Summer schools in different places. She taught me much of what I know about the machine and also about computerised machining.
She will be much missed

Penny said...

Dale I have only just got back to my computer and have to say that although I didnt know her, I know how she will be missed from her wonderful books, I think I have most of them and they are an inspiration to use.


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