Thursday, July 27, 2006

wet thursday

We are having lots and lots of lovely rain so hopefully the farmers are happy for a change.

Today's celebrity ATCs are from Maggie Grey - the bottom one is the back of one of them - almost as exciting as the front. Don't forget to send me any for Perth if you are able.

I have managed to spend a bit more time working on my little tags and stitching etc. Soon have that pocketbook all ready to show. It's not as though I haven't got a load of other things I need to be doing as well. Like finishing the newsletter. Ian put the shelves up on the back wall of the studio and I have been out buying more baskets and carting a bit of stuff up at a time. I have a challenge for Ian to sort me a new thread container....

Last night we went to the Red Teapot with friends. Very nice.


Jenny Bear said...

Maggie is so innovative isnt she?

Digitalgran said...

I'm working backwards, so I have just seen Maggie's and Liz's work. More favourites to add to my list!


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