Friday, July 14, 2006

embellisher fabric and atc

I have made a new piece of fabric on the embellisher which I am off to cut up and make ATCs for my Artful Dodger mates who so kindly sent ATCs for the Sydney challenge. I am enjoying making fabric like this - working on a base of scrim - I like the way the scrim comes through like tiny daisy stitch when you work on the back. A few years ago, Alice Kettle gave a talk in Perth and it reminds me of some of her stitches she used. I don't know if she still works this way. I have cut it up in strips and joined it all up again. I could see this sample as a modern Elizabethan cuff.

1 comment:

Digitalgran said...

I can see just what you mean by the cuff Dale.


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