Sunday, July 30, 2006


Apart from carrying a few things to the studio, I haven't done anything else there although I have been sorting my beads and tiny sequins. I am in the mood to use them more often.

What I HAVE done is to write the newsletter which is now in Ian's capable hands - he adds the pictures and sorts out my mess, and then I send it. If you are on our new newsletter list you will get 2 emails from us and if you are only on our original mailing list we will invite you to change over, or if you are on none then you might like to join..... Think of me - having to send out to all of our customers in lots of 50 people at a time. Next newsletter will be easy.

Today's Celebrity ATCs are from Patti Culea - dollie artist extraordinaire. We have also just loaded her 3 stamps to the website as well!

Ian is chafing at the bit as we are off to Spaghi after slogging away all day (he has been doing the GST ) . In case you think we never eat at home, I actually love cooking and we love especially, Indian food. Last night we had our favourite chicken curry which I made before we went to the rugby.... Highly suitable for after such a satisfying win.....

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