Monday, July 03, 2006

indoors pics

We have been very busy today so these pics were taken tonight but at least you can see that I am starting in residence. No the "P" didn't come today but it was actually genuinely raining. It is forecast fine and sunny for the rest of the week though. The builder came and I gave him Doreen's email asking about the said "P" - he is in despair about him but assures us he has phoned him every day. At least the rubbish should go this week in readiness for the paving. We will get there and I thank everyone for their lovely encouraging emails.

The top two pics are where I have set one table and machine up for the moment. I wanted to do a little sewing and it was easiest to set up my Bernina in this spot - I can't really put eveything into place until the last of the painting is done but it was a psychological thing getting the first part in the door. This photo is actually our new dining room table which is up here while it waits for its space... In the meantime it is a good place for my heavily culled thread collection. I have pulled out all the threads I really don't use any more and I shall give them away. Because I choose the colours for my variegated threads to match what I am doing I tend to use them a lot. Suppose it makes sense.

This next pic is of the corner where I temporarily put my SE and my embellisher but I am going to store my threads - that's my main collection sitting flat on the table. It is one of those stands you find paperbacks in at shops. It holds all the threads and I stand it up - colour co-ordinated and easy for selection. The long piece of wood is something to do with Ian's action in the wet area...

The last pic is of the wet area - the bench will have three trolleys underneath and shelves above. At this stage the back wall is going to have open shelves too. My feeling is that if things are in enclosed places they get forgotten. In the corner of the pic is the wonderful Botero painting our son Grant gave us 2 christmases ago for hanging in the studio. I have taken it up there to show it its new home. I have a few lovely pieces of art I have been keeping for inside. Still have to decide where to put the bookcases for my enormous collection of books. And all the folders and paper you print from the web. Contrary to the inital belief, computers make more of a paper trail.

I have another close up from Kings Park which I will load when I find it. Tonight I went up to do some stitichouts of some of the new Victory threads which arrived today - Whimsical Collection. I don't used subtle that much at all but I think I am going to like Lavender and Lace - just that subtle bit of lavender. Plus I have cut out the pieces for my Medieval Magic piece for the Art Retreat next April.


Jenny Bear said...

Looks excellent - love the new dining table!

Penny said...

One day I am going to get to Perth to see all of this, shame I hadnt seen where you had it all before! (But I have heard about it.)
You look like a 3 year old in a sweets shop!

Stitch 'n Dye said...


SOOOO good to see you finally moving in. Looks great. Love the wooden tables.

I totally agree re things hidden away get forgotten. Have this battle in my head that my workroom is my lounge too and should I have cupboards on the doors to hide the 'stuff'.

My nephew who helped me install it all is of the view that it's part of me and shows what I do - bless him. I'm sticking to his view at the mo - though at times it drives me nuts.

Hope that I get sent downunder in the not too distant future and can come and see with my own eyes:)


Jenny Bear said...

Just noticed your 930 - snap - excep I do have to use my Aurora these days.


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