Tuesday, July 11, 2006

studio some more

Today the aircon people came and installed the aircon. I was amazed - this is the first time this year that a tradie has come on the allotted day. He was most impressed when I told him. The insides have been lovely and warm all day and the tops of the distress inks have dried out - because it has a concrete floor it has felt quite damp this past week but lovely and cosy now. I have been cleaning all of stuff - discarding and putting aside things to give away - slow progress but means I should be able to find things easily. One pic is of the new air con unit looking quite unobtrusive (and check out this week's lillies on the table) and the other above the sink getting there. Three trolleys will fit underneath and should be able to hold plenty of my stuff. Then we attack the back wall.

I realise looking at yesterday's pics that you can't see all the detail on the embellished fabric. It was a lot of work but there are lots of great textural contrasts. The secret is to make a large piece of fabric with heaps of interesting textures and then cut it up. I like cutting and weaving so I think it is an extension of this. I really should be doing quite a variety of other things but I want to have the studio looking perfect.

There have been an awful lot of visitors to my blog yesterday and today - what have I done? I haven't spoken to my sister today so I guess our mother is on the improve. You can't stay in hospital for long these days so they will be wanting to move her along as fast as possible. Thank you for all of your kind words.

Grant has finished in Sydney and has flown off to London with a sailing programme until around September. Pity we can't go and see him right now but I am sure he will have a great time.

Tonight we are off to Amadeus at His Majesty's Theatre - should be good.

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Jenny Bear said...

Love the latest pix. I can see you moving into the studio permenently.


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