Sunday, October 19, 2014

New York City Day Four

Did much better today - we caught the subway to 42nd Street - boy it is hot down underground - and did the obligatory wander around Times Square - full of touts and people

Photographed this wall - certainly lots of visuals everywhere

Took several photos at the Hard Rock Cafe but the image kept changing so I went for Kiss

We spent two and half hours on the Circle Line around Manhattan Island which was superb - the commentator guy was terrific and it put lots of things into place - I only took one photo and here she is - I wonder if her arm is tired like my feet

Afterwards Ian went to see the space shuttle and I walked a long way and took a pic of the Chrysler building because I think it is the best building here - must look for some close ups of it

I visited M and J Trimmings and bought a braid but actually didn't get excited at all - I just needed a plastic bag to put my money in
Went to a few shops in the garment and fabric area but only spent my money at City Quilter buying some of their NY fabrics - not at all sure what I will do with them though.

One bonus was the exhibition of Velda Newman work there - only a few - this one - Zinnia - really jumped out at me - such strong colours and all hand stitched.

I took one close up but no detail - I loved her circles and circle stitching because as you will know I love creating circles myself. It is for sale at $70,000 but a lot of work.

Then I found a tea shop and had a ginger peach tea whilst waiting for Ian. We were on 26th Street and decided to walk back to 9th street - easy does it. Came across a Michaels on the way and dragged Ian in but wasnt overly impressed - then I saw a dick blicks but Ian refused and on we wandered.

No wonder we slept well but woke up early as to follow the All Black vs Wallaby game - think it would have been great to watch - that try in the last two seconds - wow! Houdini stuff.

New York day three

A relatively frustrating day in that we caught the subway to 42nd Street - very wet morning so thought it a good day to visit the MOMA - however when we got there we met the many other hundreds or more with the same idea so we decided to change our plans. We did a lot of walking (sure means you sleep well) and went up to Tinsel Trading in Lexington Avenue - I have always wanted to visit having bought stuff by mail order in the past - they have moved from Broadway into quite a small shop

I bought some vintage metallic thread from the 30s and some vintage sequins and a few other little goodies- have to be an experimental metallic piece or two coming on.

Then we went to the Guggenheim Museum only to find it was closed on Thursdays so we moved onto the MET - feet getting sore by now!

These pics were in the New Guinea section

Great costumes and loved some of the close work on them
After that we got a taxi back and relaxed with a glass of red before venturing out to dinner

This restaurant - Alta - in the next street - you would never know it was there - what a gem - this the entrance

And there was a little table and a couple eating just down there
The restaurant is Tapas/Mediterranean and there is an upstairs where we were and a myriad of rooms for eating - packed and excellent - would recommend

This was my desert - actually it was Ian's but he got mine and had half eaten it when I discovered this was not the flavours I fancied - however it was lovely as apparently was mine

We slept well

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Walking Eating Exploring

Day two we visited the Chelsa Markets - lots of interesting things to see - spent some time roaming Anthropologie - interesting shop but full of bored male partners sitting on the sofas and bored sales assistants

Halloween is in full flight here at present with houses decorated and loads of pumpkins everywhere

Spent ages wandering around the fish market - these were the lobsters

Then we walked the High Line - what a fabulous open space where the rail line was. It started to pour with rain at the end - thank goodness for all the yellow cabs

Seen on the High Line walk - I didn't take photos but if you go to New York this has to be a must do

We have done a lot of walking but fortunately there are lots of fabbo restaurants in our neighbourhood. This one just around the corner. You go downstairs. You wouldn't know it was there if the sign wasn't there. They left the door open because I think it would have felt claustrophobic otherwise. It was pouring down outside. lovely.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Holiday time

Yes finally on holiday and this year a slightly further afield spot - New York- we flew over on Tuesday - good flight apart from the many annoying people dressed in black on the plane who spent the entire trip cluttering the aisles. We have rented an apartment in Greenwich Village on W9th Street. Celebrated our arrival with a red and a pizza

Olio e Piu just up from our apartment - open until 4am - eat your heart out Perth. It's a lively area and so many yellow cabs

Next morning went for a walk in our environs - Halloween coming up - lots of pumpkins every where

Checked out the local shops for breakfast supplies - Indian Corn

Flowers abound in the surrounds of trees

We walked to Washington Square and looked back to the Empire
State Building

Spotted this when we were checking out the fish

All very exciting and not a stitch seen - too much to see

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little more Ally Pally

I think we had the best stand covers at Ally Pally this year - hand dyed Flimsies (pre felts) arrived about an hour before we left Perth and I popped them on the top of the suitcase to cut up at the show

They did look good and on Sunday I actually cut them in half and then into size - someone bought the other half - we took many loads of Flimsies to the show and sold all bar about 5 - they were our biggest sellers although we also sold plenty of everything else especially silk laps and Slushies (wool/silk mix) and all the hand dyed sari ribbon on day one - and loads of other stuff - sold out of my books and flower stitchers - it's good when that happens as it means I packed boxes wisely

So not a lot to send back - in fact the boxes to return were halved and into them went my many purchases. I didn't see anything new but I loved, as always, all the exhibitions. Also it was great catching up with friends - Patricia - Maggie(we got a free lesson from Jan Beaney) - and of course Shelagh - we went a roaming on Sunday

So here we are all packed up ready to leave on Sunday night - we have had a wonderful 17 years of trading and met lots of wonderful people. This was our last year although we will be back to buy and visit and holiday and I am interested in running workshops if there is interest.

If you live in Europe - you can always buy 500gr - that's a fair amount of Flimsie - for £9 postage which is pretty good

After the show we spent most of Monday moving to a very nice hotel and doing the washing - we went to a fab restaurant again - Roti Chai - with Annette and Terry and two of Ian's friends from Reefton not seen for a long time

Then on for our holiday

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ally Pally

Last week we were at Ally Pally - arrived on Tuesday morning and set up pretty fast

Our stand all ready to roll

I am amazed that Blogspot has loaded these two pics after so long of being annoying - I shall carry on.

Monday, October 06, 2014

off we go

Today we are off to London for Ally Pally which starts on Wednesday - we are all out of kilter having to leave a day early - arrive at 7.30 a little later than usual but we are flying with Singapore Air - are you all aware that the Australian National airline - aka QANTAS - does not fly internationally from Perth? Just as well we have found other better airlines to fly with. Then on the blue line to Wood Green and on the W3 to Ally Pally - set up tomorrow - eat sleep and back to work on Wed.

I am working on my Kimberley Dreaming piece - still got lots of my background stitch to do but I added a few spirals of merino so I could stitch into them. It will be on our stand as a work in progress. See you there if you are coming. TGC9 is our spot.

I spent a lot of the weekend making more screens - eucalyptus from our garden and some WA towns. Then I ran out of mesh so that was that until we get back.

I found this leaf outside the back door this morning. Ready made holes and they go wonderful colours.

This is my new toy - a vintage typewriter - 1957 - so I am not sure what that makes me. I have been typing poetry on deli paper - let's see what happens to it.

Not that I am ready to go really as I have a heap of projects etc to finish. Never mind - I have taken my roller skates off and put the head back on the chook and once I am on that plane with my glass of wine - who cares. See you all on the dark side - or the up side or.....

Not sure if I will be able to blog while we are away with pics anyway - I cannot get blogspot to load nay piccies. But I will be updating Facebook if you want to pop over and see.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ooh - where has it gone?

 Where exactly has September gone to? I think someone actually stole a few of the days because it ends tonight. I have been rather busy I guess and in a week's time we will be off to London for Ally Pally - a day earlier we leave because in their wisdom, the new owners decided that not just a night opening, they would go for an extra day. Let's see how it translates. SO we do the usual - fly in on Tuesday very early - catch the blue line to Wood Green - hop off the train and lug the suitcases to the bus to Ally Pally - drag the suitcases up the hill and spend the day setting up - go to our digs in Crouch End - have some dinner - go to bed and get up in the morning and off to work. We are looking forward to it though. I have been finally making some thermofax screens - most of these are for my Artful Journey Club people but I will have a few at Ally Pally and they will get onto the web before too long.

Issue 6 of is out and thanks for the lovely response so far. I always have a good time with my articles - makes me think and play.

 One of the things I have found a wee bit of time for is to play with Kimberley Dreaming - I have taken my Flimsie and woven it.
 Then I have started stitching on the background - I did create some added texture using the embellisher but I want to stitch up the background before I start adding more goodies. I am hoping I might get all the ground stitching done - ha - before we go so I get a chance to add more fibres etc. I love the therapeutic rhythmic stitching. Plus it has given me some ideas for tiny 9 patch works but not quite yet.

And did I mention that Kimberley Dreaming - the Broome Retreat - is up on air - all the information is here - hope you can join us - it will be a fab weekend. I have so many ideas planned and in the head.

Plus Elizabeth Dubbelde from Berry Patchwork is organizing the Textile Art Prize and Exhibition to be displayed in Broome and in Berry and other places still to be decided. You don't have to be at the Retreat to participate but we would love to see your fabulous work

During the month I popped over to New Zealand once again - this time sadly for my brother Lewis' funeral. The nasty C word seems to spoil a lot of people's lives and I guess we had got quite close this past year - he and I were working away on the family tree. I didn't go to either of my parents funerals and made a fairly quick decision to go - Grant flew over from Sydney as well which was lovely. I am the youngest of our clan and Lewis was the first to die. It was good catching up with some of the cousins - the ones who came. I put quite a lot of effort into researching the family - and the Rollerson family - certainly keeps me out of mischief and I am gathering stuff for my plan to create my Letters to the Grannies - Lewis was more interested in the men of the Dustin family.

I never saw my mother posing but I found this photo and thought I would use it - not am image I ever saw but I think it was taken on their trip to Australia in 1939 - Lewis was conceived on the Wanganella I do believe.

 Here is my father on the left - a bit of a dandy you might say. I hardly remember him not wearing a suit or a jacket and a hat - one of his hats is here somewhere. How time have changed.

 And my mother and mother-in-law - Ethel - hard work tracking her back ground - her maiden name was Smith which is still the most popular name in New Zealand. So photos like these are treasures.

Finally - this was my dessert the other night and it was wonderful.
Let's see how I get on in October.....

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My take on our Australian made paints

I love the Australian made paints which we sell. They are made by Kraftkolour and they are indeed my favourites. I know there are lots of paints out there and I use (and sell) a few other brands but for me home grown is good and should be supported and as well as that these paints are of the highest standard. At a recent show a lot of people asked me about them and why there were different ones etc. I must say first that when I started The Thread Studio    back in 1995 (ooh - that's nearly 20 years ago), there were no paints that I could find which were for fabric alone - and any that might have been made your fabric feel like a stiff sheet. Now there are loads to choose from and you will always find your favourites, as I have. So......
You can read all about them all here and see the colour charts etc but I do have samples in this posting

Opulence Inks/Paints
A fabulous range of acrylic paints. I am not sure why they call them inks but I call them paints - it confuses people. There are 28 glorious colours in 60ml jars plus 5 interference colours (called Interferons.These are wonderful worked on black surfaces for an alchemy effect) However people are scared of interference paints because they look white and they don't know what to do with them. Try them on black - believe me the result is wonderful.

The paint can be used on textiles, paper, wood, glass, ceramics & leather. I find them to be very rich and lush as use them as an exquisite, rich embellishment for paper and fabric surfaces. You can see the mica in them. Stamp, stencil or handpaint. Use as a foil adhesive, and as an embossing ink on silk/rayon velvet. Colours are easy to mix and being translucent, can be layered. Warm hand wash no hotter than 40C. What this means is that I iron them with a hot iron or use my heat gun. But note that I rarely wash my work. 
These paints I see as very special occasion paints - they are lush and a little goes along way. I don't just brush them on - I also decant them into spray bottles (make sure you clear out the nozzle after you have used them as the mica will clog the spray) and use them as a wash but I also use them as is for rich and luscious effects. They are like your best red shoes.

These are the four newest colours - Angelique - Guava - Najah - Tamasin - and I usually lift the paint out with a tiny plastic spoon (thanks Qantas) onto a polystyrene tray and roll with a sponge roller onto my stamps or through stencils etc. I might spray the surface with water and then brush over but not usually. It is just the way that I work.

This is the Spectrum range of 12 - you can see the mica - such gloriousness - here I did in fact brush this paint onto polycotton.

 and here I have used a sponge roller through a stencil - the Sunburst stencil and over the lot I have sprayed a watered down version.

 My basket of sprays. There is no measurement of how much paint and how much water - just what takes my fancy. You can be as precise as you like.

This is Evolon (have I said before how much I love this fabric for working on). I have sprayed colour onto the surface and I am sure you can see the mica. Evolon is not necessarily considered a fabric so suitable for acrylic paint as it is non-woven man-made and loves transfer paints but as you can see....

Then to finish it off I have sponged Isis through a stencil - X's from Artistcellar.

Gems Fabric Paint

These are our newest paints - shimmery lustrous opaque metallic fabric paints - not as rich as the Oplulence but wonderful for every day wear.  These water based paints are perfect for any of your creative work.

They have good colour fastness and are suitable for hand painting onto cotton and poly/cotton fabric (and of course Tissutex). They have the consistency of thickened cream but can also be diluted (and sprayed) or thickened. They work very well through thermofax screens.

Heat fix to set. Machine washable. The paints leaves a soft hand on the fabric. Suitable for all types of application – brushwork, stencilling, screen printing spraying etc. Come in 100ml plastic bottles with useful flip top lids.

As you can see, they sound the same and you can use them the same way but what I am finding is that they are not as viscose and dry  a little slower. I love using them with my Gelli plate (I do find the Opulence dry very fast so you need to have your roller skates on when using them on the Gelli)

 They come in lovely little flip top lids which makes them easy to use and once again I squeeze some onto a polystyrene tray to use. You can also see that they are dirty already. Tut tut.

 They look like lollipops but fortunately  are non-fattening. The name Gems tells it all.

 This sample was just me using my fingers direct from the bottles (that is why they are rather dirty) and wiping the paint onto Evolon. over the top I have worked a little through a tiny stencil. See the richness at the bottom where the i -phone has picked it up.

a little colour chart just to show the colour range.

 and two pieces of polycotton just cleaning the brushes. So easy to use.

Sun Dye Fabric Paint

Sun Dye paints do just that - you can use them for sun printing - as you can with many other paints.  A good range range of sun sensitive paints but also great for  fabric painting on cotton and silk and everything else you can think of - like Tissutex (another of my mega favourite surfaces for colour and stitch).

They come in 130ml jars but of course I like to decant them and then spray colour on the surface. 
 Again, because they are acrylic, make sure you clean the nozzles after use so that they don't clog up and frustrate you not being able to spray clearly.

This is an example of sun painting - so easy peasy. Colour your surface - lay masks on and pop your work out in the sun - or under the lights in your studio. Wonderful results. As an extra - add a little Sun Pearl or Sun Gold to your paint to create a pearlescent finish.


The Sun Dye Fabric Paints work very well on surfaces like Fusible Webbing (Vliesofix - Wonderunder - Bondaweb). Spray your webbing with water and then brush the paint on. I have used Chamomile, Citrus and Flame. When it is dry, lift off the paper backing and apply to another surface using your iron (under baking parchment to protect your iron) and then there are all sorts of other possibilities.

Here I have foiled onto polycotton and sprayed Sun Dye fabric paint over the top for a great effect.

 PS a note from the manufacturer:
Sun Dyes will work on wood, paper, cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, fur, skin, leather, wool, carpet, canvas,  sinnamay, raffia, cane, feathers, carpet, upholstery … ask the production company who did the Lord Of the Rings. That's a lot of interesting stuff.....

Texcraft Dual Purpose Fabric Paint

Texcraft Dual Purpose Fabric Paint is a high quality paint for handpainting or pigment dyeing fabric. This paint is similar (in my mind) to Sun Dye but it is thicker and very easy to simply paint on. I haven't decanted it yet but I  love using it direct onto surfaces. It is so easy to use. I think it complements the other paint by giving added flexibility.

You can also thicken it for printing. The paints are water based and contain softeners that improve the handling softness of the fabric and assist in fabric penetration when applied.
Suitable for cotton and polycotton and Evolon and Tissutex (of course). Heat to fix.

As well as 30 ordinary colours, there are 8 fluoro colours and 4 metallics.

I hope this has demysitfied the range for you - and of course I hope you might try them. They are all intermixable. Check them out on our website and note too, that we have special offers when you buy a few. I love using them and I must add that they clean up well too!


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