Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Trip to Melbourne

At the end of January into February, we took ourselves off to Melbourne for a few days. We actually stayed at a great little hotel but this was the view from the window and below was a busy lane way - next time we will ask to be a few floors up so we can actually look out at a proper view! The main reason for going was to attend Nigel Kennedy concert. Of course it was wonderful as we knew it would be - we have been fans for many years. Nigel's interpretation of the Four Seasons was up to character!    
We enjoyed, as we always do, the foodie experiences in Melbourne - first day and I think this was possibly the best one. The Grain Store. Everything in Melbourne was either in walking distance or on the tram which was free. Flinders Lane all along - not too bad.  
Loved the David Hockney exhibition - he is a great artist 
Then a lovely meal at Chin Chin - i have the cookbook but never been before so it was wonderful. We sat up at the bar and thoroughly enjoyed watching the food staff cooking, preparing and all of that. So glad we went. The next night we went to Movida where we have been before and it was a great meal too.  
And we checked out the Victor and Rolf exhibition. Lots of very interesting and whacky stuff but I especially loved all the weaving - something I am pretty keen on myself except that I don't make art to wear these days but I do weave up lot of little bits and pieces in my work.  
We caught the tram to St Kilda one day - Ian is checking the area out.  
On our last night we ate at Mamak - another great meal. Always a great thing a visit to Melbourne. No shopping - no shoes - all okay.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Old Doors and Openings


 The second 2 day workshop I taught in Adelaide was Old Doors and Openings and once again I provided comprehensive notes and a kit. I was really thrilled at the results of this class. We spent day 1 creating heaps of textured pages ready to use on day 2 for constructing our pieces. Not just doors but surrounds and openings. Openings and the possibility of what is behind the opening is to me a great concept - the mysteries of what lies beyond. Karen's work at the top is so very effective - I loved it - but I loved them all. Some naughty people had packed up before we got to view - I am pretty hopeless and making them stop half hour early for compulsory look see but then - some people don't wish to take part in this exercise and I guess it is their right - they have paid the money. It was a very big class and a wee tad squashed so I was clearing my own desk as fast as I could for display.And my apologies for not knowing who owned which pieces but do enjoy them.

 We played with brown paper bags - paper napkins - kunin felt - water solouble (Romeo) - foils - abaca paper - and more

 loved this one - Sheana had some very old lace in tatters which she left for others to use

and this one

 and I do know this is Pam's

 and I am sorry I cannot remember her name but this lady was quietly super efficiently and creatively working away to create these beauties.

 The embossed kunin felt works a treat

 love Catherine's embossed supa foil

 Fran's - you can't see it so well but I coveted her melting fabric

 Can't remember her name and it had been packed away but I persuaded her to bring it out - loved it - there are steps to go at the bottom of the door

Sheana was busy

and I love the way this one is progressing

It was so lovely to catch up with Vicki who came from NSW (not just to see me though) and this is her work which is super wonderful

So - a great workshop - I was bowled over by the creative juices flowing - they seemed to be working early and late - I had lots of laughs at night and I am working on my offering for 2019 - shall it be Medieval - Paris - Morocco - or? and yes notes and a kit

Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees

 I was privileged to be asked to tutor at the South Australian Embroiderers Guild Summer School - such a wonderful groups of people. The first workshop was Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees and for me, the first of two things. I wrote extensive notes and made comprehensive kits. I have a thing about both - notes usually mean people don't listen and for me -  I change my mind as I go - and kits I feel restrict people. However I was pleasantly surprised and prepared to admit it worked. In this class the notes meant people could refer to them and not have to ask me - detailed points I guess. The kits meant they didn't have to bring the entire house although a couple almost managed it. I was really delighted at the results and have many photos to share because they all worked so hard.

Eucalyptus leaves were our leaves - and there are so many colours and shapes so there was plenty to work on and with. Easily be many of the other trees in the world.
We made backgrounds and cords and many different leaves. Here is some of the wonderful work.

Lots of interesting backgrounds - printing - stencils etc - we worked on calico and hessian

Then loads of leaves...

 Leaves of all sorts - water soluble (Romeo) - paint - print - stencils - compressed sponge (we LOVED it) - layering and burning (I think we LOVED that too) and more

 Sheana went for a different colour

 and Jenny stitched all in white and coloured later
Thank you to all of the class - and they were busy as for 2 days.


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