Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday musings

What a lovely weekend - weather was delightful and we had a bbq before we went to watch the rugby and all the Aussies will be very pleased that the Wallabies did the walloping this time and demolished the Springbox. Ian finished putting the sink and all the bits and pieces in so the plumber can come and connect it up - and we cleaned up the back yard in readiness for the paving to be done. On Sunday night we had a bbq at night - in the middle of winter and okay if you have the gas heater (Ian's pride and joy) on. This way we could stay outside and further enjoy our ambiency surroundings.

Three pics - one of some eucalyptus nuts I collected around the garden and got them photographed before Ian was about ceremoniously dump them. I thought people like Jenny would like to see them.

The other two are two little bags I made - one is the embellisher one for Princess H - my art to wear - the back is all twin-needled velvet

the second one is made from hand painted panne velvet with Hundertwasser stitch on the surface and an overlay made with machine stitch on Romeo.


Jenny Bear said...

You were right - what a variety of gum nuts.

ove both the new bags!


Rosalind said...

I wondered whether they were gum nuts when I saw them on Jenny's blog.They are good inspiration of shapes for hats to go with those lovely pixie shoes and bags :o)

Doesn't the twin needling look rich!

AnneJeu said...

I love the little bags!!

Anonymous said...

Pardon the ignorance but...what is Hundertwasser stitch??

The bags are wonderful.



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