Friday, July 07, 2006

Shanghai book

This is my little Shanghai pocket book for treasures to add. I used the plastic bag from the museum for one side and printed some of our pics onto computer paper for a difference, sprayed it with Moonshadow Mist and sealed it all with acrylic wax. I decided not to print on tissutex this time because I cut it slightly smaller than A4 and I was using A4 and also because the second page I printed got jammed in the printer and I decided not to push my luck on this occasion. It isn't usually a problem but I like to stand and watch and I didn't! I have added a couple of tags wrapped in the one printed piece of tissutex I managed. I have bonded foil to kunin felt and shall stitch some patterns. I bought a few coins in Shanghai too which I have added. I am looking to stitch some of the patterns I have been drawing from my visit to the bronze vessels section in the museum. Still getting prepared to start the crusty vessels and thinking of logistics.

I have nearly carted all of my wet stuff to the studio and doesn't look nearly as obtrusive as inside. It is all stacked on the floor until that area is ready. One thing about organising it all as you go is that you can change your mind. We have decided on a new place for the bookcase which is going to work well. I have been scouring the web looking at other artist's studios but haven't seen any ideas which really 'grab' me. I think I will just stand back after each new bit is done and make the decisions then. I have waited so long that it is not an issue. The aircon man is coming on Tuesday.

Enjoy watching Le Tour de France. Mostly since we spent so much time in France in 1992 and we like to look at the scenery and say 'we've been there' etc. But I also like to follow Stuart O'Grady who is not having such a good time this year. It's a lot like a cat and mouse scene - with lots of crashes and breakaways and sprinters bringing their man home. When we were kids we biked all over the countryside and no-one was worried so long as we got home for dinner. I used to bike to Foxton Beach and bring home a bucketful of yummy whitebait from the rivermouth. I bet there's nothing much around these days.


Penny said...

I like the idea of this book Dale, must have a go, One day!
I am still trying to find my lost pug bitch but think it is not going to happen. Cant settle to anything.
Your comment on riding bikes brings back my memories too, once chores were done in the mornings on the week end the rest was ours until dinner time, we explored most of Adelaide in those days. Cant do it now.

Jenny Bear said...

I think it i wise to mske decisions as the need arises, That way there are no plans to go wrong!!


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