Monday, July 24, 2006

a wet monday

We are certainly having lots of rain today - amazing that yesterday afternoon and early evening we had a bbq and sat outside. Today has been a real winter's day for Perth and I haven't had a chance to even get into my studio so nothing happening there. Tomorrow. I have a pile of smallish tags which I painted, covered with tissutex etc yesterday for my medieval book but in Beryl Taylor's book, she has used some gorgeous tiny tiny tags - I have never seen anything like this so I am hunting for them.

Today we set up a mailing list for our newsletter in google. We have a big mailing list on our server in our address book which we do ourselves but we can only mail out to 50 people at once and it takes me all day. We have been exploring what others do and I have unashamedly joined quite a few lists to see what other people do. We decided today to create google list which so far is working very well - I will still have to send out a mailing telling people to change but then that should be it. I have nearly finished the next newsletter and it should be ready in a day or two. If you want to subscribe go to the front page of our website and click on subscribe and let me know if it's not easy or wait patiently until I finish the newsletter.

These pics today are more celebrity ATCs - Liz Welch this time - Liz does the most amazing work and these are all friendly plastic - she is the recognised best at it in the world for sure


Joanna said...

Hi, Could you tell us what you are going to do with all these beautiful atc's? Is there some kind of auction?


Downunderdale said...

Joanna - for the Sydney show and for the Perth show, we are having/had a Celebrity ATC display and then we will pop them all on our website and I have planned send them back to the owners as a swap - I couuld always ask if they wanted to auction them for a good charity


Unknown said...

Hi Dale,
Those ATCs are georgeous!
I'm planning to send some of my ATCs in for the Show, just have to get to the post office!

I saw some of those tags you are talking about recently. I bought a pack of ~100 varying sized tag for $2 including the tiny ones.
Recently I saw them in 'Riot Art & Craft', a discount art supply store in Booragoon. Happy Hunting!


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