Sunday, July 23, 2006

busy sunday

We have been busy today - Ian has put the shelves on the back wall of the studio and I have been working on my medieval pocket book. Beautiful day in Perth and this time we stayed home and had a lovely bbq - WA scallops and red emperor and salad. Very nice indeed. A satistfying day even though I didn't seem to achieve much. Here is a pic or two of my pocket book - I have made 16 tags and painted them - each of the tags and each pocket will have a little treasure on it. I have created a few goodies but not attached them yet. Using water soluble paper, panne velvet etc. Ian has called the pics thing 1 and thing 2 - should I dare complain???? No - not with the shelves up. I have to go and get some baskets for the shelves and we some shelves short so once everything is in place, I will pop up a pic. Everything is falling into place nicely.

For those who asked, Eminem is a wonderful modern Turkish restaurant - difficult to get into but one of the best meals we have had and a super atmosphere. Well worth it if you are in Perth.

Watching Le Tour De France but it is all a bit boring tonight - no drama and just a gentle peddle into Paris. Reading our books instead.

1 comment:

Tonniece said...

I love your thing 1 and thing 2. No matter what they are called.....
they are lovely.

Tonniece here in Canada admiring your work.


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