Friday, July 21, 2006

friday musings

Helen Cowans sent these great ATCs for the Celebrity Display - she's a very talented lady who has been working away hard this week teaching and probably in the heat as well. ATCs for Perth are starting to roll in but if anyone is interested in taking part, please do....... they are loved by all - and a wonderful way to make your own miniature work of art.

I have been beavering away in my studio too with regular visits from Ian to tell me how lucky I am - it's a wonder I can get anything done. Made the 4 pocket pages for my Medieval book but lots to add - so am keeping it. I want to know how the days goes so fast.

We have had a feast of good dining this week - first at our local pub, then at Wagamama and tonight at Eminems. Very hard to get in so we have been thinking about it all day. Getting emotionally ready for the rugby tomorrow.


Penny said...

Hmm I am wondering if I have time to make some atc's out of my first bits for Module 4 I guess I can sacrifice them, now to find the time. These look fabulous. D day with my mother on Tuesday, One would think I should have faded to a shadow, no sleep, trouble is I am drowning my sorrows!

Helen from Canberra said...

Dale, you say you want to know how the days go so fast. Well I would like to know how you can fit so much in a day.

Cheers Helen


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