Thursday, July 20, 2006


We had heaps of rain this afternoon so I was 'forced' to stay in the studio - and anyway I was locked out of the house yet again. Must make sure I take my key - this is the first time I have had my own key since we moved here in 1992. But of course I have no pocket. Last night we sat outside but not tonight!

Working on my Medieval Tiles piece and everything I have tried so far I haven't liked. So I have decided to make another pocket book and so far so good. I have bonded panne velvet to vilene and foiled it for one side and the other side I have been painting and stamping tissutex and also printing medieval images on tissutex. I found some wonderufl gold paper when I was sorting inside - I am getting there although last night Val pointed out that my indoor room looked just as full. That's because I am pulling things out and stacking while we choose the bookcase idea we have. Haven't seen the plumbers yet so I am carting water - the exercise will do me good so long as I have my umbrella and my keys.

Hopefully post my work tomorrow but here is Ian in the garden in Portugal instead.


Jenny Bear said...

Send rain, quick.

I am knitting!!!!!

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale ,

Glad to hear that someone is getting rain. We had a little rain last week but not nearly enough. However it has been very cold with winds coming off the snow so it's a good excuse to stay indoors and work on my Playways module.

Cheers Helen


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