Monday, July 10, 2006

more embellisher

Yesterday we relaxed after the excitement of the ABs walloping the Wallabies - sorry Helen. Couldn't resist that. However, as everyone knows, everything in the world is unpredictable. Ian got shelves on the wall in the wet area and I have had great pleasure in filling them up. He has just a bit to finish off before he calls the plumber. I shall have a pic to show soon. The rest of the studio looks a little like I have attacked it with a bomb. I decided to use my embellisher to make cloth yesterday and have stuff all over the place. These pics are of my efforts. I use a base of hand dyed scrim mostly and pile on little bits and pieces like some lovely purple pre-felt I bought ages ago and have just rediscovered, throwsters, some hand knitted silk boucle cut up, etc etc. Then I cut it into strips and embellished it back together again with some hairy yarn I found lying around (also rediscovered). The trouble with using lots of stuff is that you have to pull it all out to see what you have and having one's own working space means it is not the end of the world if it's not cleared up the same day. I think that is what having a studio is all about?

Haven't had time to do anything today although I am not sure what I have been doing - packaging and counting and reordering. I think.......

France lost the final in the soccer (remember I know nothing about the game) but I see they spoilt their good playing by Zindane being naughty.

My mother, who is nearly 92, had a heart attack on the weekend and my sister is carrying the can for all of us. She has had a pacemaker inserted (is that the word? and wants to know when she is going home (she lives on her own and is very independent). We think she will probably have to go into a home but once she recovers, she won't like it. The shame of being really old. Ian and I are not any old at all.... my oldest brother phoned this morning to say he is coming over to Perth later in the week. Last time he came I could see he thought we had a lot of stuff floating around the house - this time it will be worse as I am sorting stuff for moving. I shall simply ignore the look on his face.


Jenny Bear said...

Sorry to hear abour your mum. Why is it our bodes give up before our minds do?

Going to attempt a bigger big of embellishing tonight.


Liz Plummer said...

I love what you've been doing on the embellisher...

Unknown said...

the mre I see of the Embellisher the more I want one

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Ooh Dale
Am all excited about the embellished work you have done, can't wait for the Hols to get back to mine.
So sorry to hear about your Mum, hope she makes a full recovery.

Maggie H

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

Your mum will be doing cart wheels down the hall with her new pacemaker believe me.

I love what you are doing with your embellisher. I am not very adventurous with mine. I think I will have to empty all my boxes of goodies on the floor (all those things that I've forgotten I've bought) and really get into it.

Cheers Helen


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