Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Apparently the painter only said he would be back to finish but I don't care now as he just has to do a second coat on some of the wood and this won't bother me. I am slowly moving up my wet area stuff and now I am waiting for Ian to make the hole for the sink so that can be connected. I shall post pics again when that is all done and the shelves are up. One of the exciting things about setting up a new studio is deciding what to put where and what sort of materials to use. I have been peeping at other people's studios to see what they have done. It's going to be a nice place to work and I feel very spoilt. However I will have to take the phone with me as Ian was sitting enjoying a glass of red watching Le Tour De France and I didn't know......

Since I have been talking about Hundertwasser again lately, here is a self portrait from 1976.
I should have a Shanghai book to show tomorrow and my medieaval tiles are starting to fall into place. First idea didn't work.

We are off to Spaghis - our other favourite Italien restaurant. Wonder if France will win their soccer game tonight?


Gill said...

I wonder if the painter realises that the world awaits his arrival and cheers him as he get his work done?

Guess your Italian meal was fun after the score last night? Or were you there before the match result?

Digitalgran said...

That is a wonderful self portrait Dale.
Yes, France did win the match tonight. DH says it should be a good game between Italy and France.

Yes, the whole world awaits this painter of yours, he needs a good shaking IMO (smile)


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