Saturday, July 29, 2006

rugby rugby

Have to gloat - the ABs beat the Wallabies and therefore won the Beldisloe Cup - it was a good game and we were surprised the score was so close - 13-9. But satisfying.

Found a picture of the Bledisloe Cup which is now safely home.


Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

Just wait until next year when the Bledisloe will come back across the the ditch. See the boys chickened out on the cut throat Haka!!!!!!

Cheers Helen

Ali Honey said...

Thought you would be happy Dale! We won't mention who did the hair pulling! Shame we lost the netball. We ( NZ ) play Sth. Africa tonight)Cheers Alison.

Leanne said...

I reckon Mr Umaga had his wee dreads pulled more times than he would be able to remember but was too much of a man to complain. Didn't want to frighten the Wallaby's too much or tho' it seems they were a tad frightened to even come out on the pitch!! Wondered if they had defaulted!!!!


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