Sunday, August 22, 2010

wonderful rugby to keep us up late

What a nail biting rugby game - we were both very quiet as the minutes ticked by and then - TWO tries in the last few minutes. Such excitement. I had thought that Ian opening the champagne seemed a little premature but I sure did enjoy the last glass. Beating the Springbox in South Africa before a crowd of 94,700 people is pretty awesome. What it means is that the All Blacks have won the tri-nations with 3 games to play. It's up to the Wallabies to do their thing for the next 2 games before the final game in Sydney.

Our Tagine last night was delicious   - I forgot to take a photo after I lifted the lid and only remembered when we were nearly finished. Just take my word for it.

The election ended up last night kind of as predicted - undecided and probably a hung parliament. Most exciting is the Greens win in Melbourne - maybe people really are fed up with the attitude and ineptitude of the 2 major parties. Our member is Stevie Smith - nice to see you on tv last night Stephen - we certainly never see you in our  electorate. Maybe you will think about us next time round. Not that we actually saw any of the candidates in our electorate. Heather - to follow up your comment about appreciating that the suffragettes fought for our right to vote - I couldn't agree more but I do believe that it should be my choice not some big brother telling me I  must vote. I  was born in a country where voting is not compulsory - I always voted from choice. I am afraid that there are too many people wanting to tell me what I should do and what is good for me - don't even get me started on fluoro jackets.

We have been slogging away on the computer nearly all day - Ian is working on the website and I have been writing various things. one of the things I am doing is preparing a submission to teach overseas (can't tell you where yet but it is somewhere we haven't been to) as I got an exciting email asking me to put in a submission. I find it hard to be precise about what I am going to do in 2 years time - I dont always know what I am going to do in 2 minutes time. However I am working away on a topic centred around the artful journey.

It is a beautiful day here in Perth. I am a bit late but I am off to cook pumpkin soup for lunch.


Heather said...

That game of rugby was fantastic wasn't it? My husband was glued to the set, I only saw bits as I was in and out doing other things, but even I could appreciate how thrilling it was. Don't know how you find time to cook but good food is the best fuel for a busy lifestyle. Pumpkin soup sounds good. I always feel obliged to vote, then at least I've done my best to get the right lot in. I think worldwide people are getting fed up with politicians and empty promises. Nothing seems to get better. Perhaps we need another peasants' revolt - international!!

Judy said...


Congratulations on the All Blacks performance, if I barracked for a team I would want them to behave that well. I concurr with all the comment re the election and in particular that i hate the complusary voting system like you I would vote by my choice; but having said that I must confess this election is the most uninspiring I think I have ever witnessed; And Ya! the Greens who did extra well here in our electorate. Love the sound of your Tagine; also congrats. on being asked to submit for a workshop situation.


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