Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday again

When you have plans they always get sidelined - I seem to have been very busy all day today but I am not quite sure what I achieved. When you think you have lost something it distracts you and puts you out of sync. I thought I had lost my Okarito journal - hadn't seen it since the show here in Perth and of course the brain goes into overdrive. However, all was well and if I had tidied up like i said I was going to - it IS on my long list of things to do - I wouldn't have lost it. We are having an enormous amount of spam which is very annoying since we pay corporate rates - apparently they are checking out the filters. Ian has been having exceptional fun and games at the post office - sort of like a Monty Python script. Just as well he can laugh at the end of the day - here he is between the trees with the chopped off heads - watering the kangaroo paws.

I have discovered that you can apply Xpandaprint to form-a-foam and then heat and then of course spray with colour and then stitch. more to experiment with this. Not on this one but I have also lain painted webbing on the surface before heating and impressing. Very effective and then add some foil. Can't find my playings for this - think I need to tidy my work table.

A long time ago, I left some fabric in the garden - had done rubbings with Shiva stiks and stitched a little. I have moved it around a few times - rescued it etc but completely forgotten about it until the landscape people where here and I spotted it in the garden they are going to do the plan for. I KNOW they thought I was nuts but then Ian was standing around with his beanie on so that made two of us. I washed it clean - it had snails and all sorts on it and resin from the mulberry tree - and I have hung it on the lemon tree to dry. It has rotted in places - possibly next door's cat has dragged it around, but otherwise it looks rather interesting. I shall think what I might do next.

The election is tomorrow and then thank goodness that will be over - but then the media will be on and on about whoever it is that wins. Time to disappear.


Heather said...

Glad you found your journal and hope you get your spam sorted out. 'I don't like SPAM'!! Love the leaf/fern design and the fabric from the garden looks very interesting. Don't we all just love politics and elections?!!

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

hilarious beanie, Ian looks like an oversized gnome.

Virginia said...

Sometimes - make that OFTEN - my design-work looks to me like the cat dragged it round too - shame that wasn't what really happened! Perhaps I'd be more satisfied with my results of it did!!

I'm enjoying playing with that stamp too! Thanks for getting it here so quickly.


Judy said...


The piece you are work on Form-a- Foam looks very promising look forward to seeing it further on with the foiling. The fabric that's been in the garden looks ready to begin on again and I love the faded look of the background just perfect for new colours etc.


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