Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Such excitement - Okarito here we come

I wrote in the newsletter that we were having a sneaky break during August - well - this evening we are off to New Zealand - flying to Auckland and then to Christchurch - pick up a car and off to Okarito via the Otira Gorge. Stopping in Ilam to do our grocery shopping and in Hokitika for the remainder. Okarito is on the West Coast of the South Island and we are looking forward to relaxing and reading and walking and maybe a boat trip and visit the glaciers or whatever. I have my pile of stuff of course so hoping to do drawing, playing, stitching and some felting. We have hired a bach so no local restaurants this week. I shall have to cook every night.....
Thia fabulous aerial shot above - of Okarito - was taken by David Alexander - do check out his website - he has some fabulous photos there

Isn't the beach glorious - and looking at the weather at present I think it will be wet and cold maybe. Who knows? But we will have a log fire to keep us warm.

Okarito is the home of the white heron - we may be a wee bit early and I know we are a wee bit early for whitebait as the West Coast has different dates from the rest of New Zealand. But you never know what you will find.

Lots of snow I expect.

Okarito from the sea - not sure what computer access we will have but if we do I will post to my blog. When we leave we will go up through Reefton and catch up with Max - go out for dinner but not to Dawsons ever again.

 Then we will drive back over the Lewis Pass through Hamner for a swim in the hot pools - there are springs here - very famous - in the 'olden' days the wealthy used to go up from Christchurch - Ian likes the very hot pool - me - no.
and back to Christchurch. Then we are going out to dinner to Saggio di Vino

finally we fly back home via Auckland - back in action next Thursday 2nd September. Kia Ora


Ali Honey said...

Sounds fabulous. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

carole brungar said...

Actually it sounds perfect! I'm looking forward to the pics, I've ever only driven past the turnoff! Have a fantastic time :))

Judy said...


I put my comments on the wrong day sentiments are meant all the same.

Robin Mac said...

Have a super break, you certainly deserve it. I have been looking at a lot of those places for our holiday we are planning in November - what a coincidence! However, swimming will be off the plan as far as I am concerned - far too cold, even in November, Cheers, Robin

Heather said...

Okarito looks and sounds absolutely beautiful - have a wonderful time Dale. I just love that unfurling fern in your last photo.

Julie said...

Have a wonderful time Dale! A packed programme but your destination looks like paradise. The fern is exquisite.

Penny said...

Oh I am envious, love that part of New Zealand, hope it doesnt rain too much.

Okarito Ian said...

Hope you are enjoying your stay here in Okarito. Great Blog. You have chosen a great time to be here, nice and quiet. Next week will be full of whitebaiters and motorbikes.
Look out for the nesting dottrels on the beach !
Have a great stay - Ian at Okarito Kiwi Tours


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