Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a litle bit of Tuesday

Cas Holmes much awaited book 'The Found Object in Textile Art' arrived today - sometimes we get lucky with books - not usually though but if they are printed in Hong Kong they get here on their way to Europe and we get them first. It is refreshing to see new things from old instead of loads of stuff from other people's books regurgitated.

What have I been reading? The latest Ruth Rendell - it's a very interesting look at people with the usual intrigue of Ruth Rendell but I think when I want to relax I like Inspector Wexford and books which are easy on the brain after a busy day. I usually read crime stuff when we fly off into the never never so I should have kept it for the next trip!

Last night I cooked (yes I do quite often) a chicken curry so I made the same chutney type dish that I made for the lamb shank curry last week. It is quite yummy - yoghurt, cashew nuts, chillie, cumin, ginger, coriander whizzed up in the food processor. We have quite a bit leftover so I might need to make a different curry further on this week.

It's 6pm and I am only just about to go to the studio -  I am off to spray some Tissutex to make a little book to put all my flowers into. The election stuff is just so boring - what you need to realise is that they are all the same and nothing will actually change after Saturday and I would rather not waste my time voting. I had hoped it would happen when we were out of the country. We have waited 2 days for a courier company to deliver something which  arrived in Perth at 7am yesterday and it may come tomorrow (if we are lucky). And to top it all off I have had a huge resurgence of junk mail particularly from someone wanting to show me my wife's sexy photos..... I never ever heard back about the ladies coming from Dubai for embroidery lessons - shame... Obviously we will have to sneak off to Cantina tonight to give ourselves a wee break.


Heather said...

That book looks good Dale. I like Inspector Wexford - do you get the TV series? Your curry etc., looks yummy. I only vote because the Suffragettes went through so much to give me the right to do so - otherwise I'd be tempted not to bother. Shame on you for allowing your wife to make sexy photos!!

Penny said...

I couldnt agree more about the election and to top it off somehow I have been roped in to hand out election stuff on
saturday when I could be at a painting class and it will probably be wet and windy if the last few
saturdays are any indication.
Can I come to dinner?

Judy said...


The accompaniment to your curry sound yummy, so I wrote it down; interesting new book too.


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