Saturday, August 21, 2010

election day

Election day is best ignored so I have a Tagine cooking in the oven instead. Lamb shanks - I shall what the contents look like in a few hours time.

This is puddling - if you spray onto baking parchment and then lay your surface onto it, you get wonderful effects - this is a little Khadi fold up book all ready for more action - there still seems to be a lot of stuff on my table.

Jacinta on her blog has been making silk paper using silk rods so I thought I would too - I used natural ones and dipped them in a cup of water to wet and soften and pull the layers off - I laid my down onto a puddle of Silhouette Silver Moonshadow Mist in 2 layers and then covered with a second sheet of parchment and ironed with a dry iron on hot. Then I sprayed Black Orchid Starburst Spray onto a cut 'n dry foam pad and stamped onto the surface and finished with some stitch. All ready for my journal.
The front and the back depending how you feel. The silk 'fabric' is easy to stitch onto once it is ironed. Amazing little things, aren't they?

Most exciting - later on tonight after we have been bored silly by the election stuff we will rock up to Grant's and watch the rugby on fox. The All Blacks are playing the Springbox in South Africa.


Stitchety Grub said...

I agree with you re: the election! and I am luvvin' your silk rod piece - gorgeous :-)

Heather said...

Lamb shanks! - my favourite. The baking parchment tip sounds great and I love your silk papers. Enjoy the rugby.

Ali Honey said...

Yum I'll be right over!

What about that for an exciting finish!!!!

Judy said...


Agree with you on the elections; the spray on parchment gies a great effect; the silk paper is intriquing when you look at them in their raw state they are just rather ugly never think they come out so nice. Make a lovely book cover.


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