Tuesday, August 24, 2010

studio today? - HA

How could I have imagined that I would get into the studio today - not only did several people order loads more Angelina which meant a lot of packaging - again - but the latest Cloth Paper Scissors arrived - I knew it was due and hoped it wouldn't arrive tomorrow so thankful for that. All dispatched - I think there might be one copy left - I shall have a quick read of it tonight.

Whilst we are still having a few dramas with the kangaroo paws and may lose some - they are mostly all starting to come into flower. But as well as that the grevilleas are statring to look rather beautiful as well. The birds love them.

I have decided to make you hang in suspense until tomorrow to tell you our excitement. Too busy and off to tidy and sort first.


lisa_crofts said...

can i have the cloth paper scissors xxx

Heather said...

The grevillia flower looks amazing. Your garden must look very exotic compared with ours. CPS looks interesting. Our local newsagent stocks Quilting Arts but not Cloth Paper Scissors, mainly because there are two local quilting groups I think.

Judy said...


Whoopi do! Hope you have a wonderful time. I will pray this deep low we are experincing here in Tassie does not move to New Zealand's South Island.


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