Saturday, August 07, 2010

could be exciting Saturday - who knows?

Ian is lighting up the bbq on a reasonably nice winter's day - there must be a reason.
I have been sweeping the back garden - time to get into action - it is so dry that we have been hand watering - my curry leaf tree was looking a little miserable.
 basked in dappled light - or something - but definitely a nice time of the year -
from the back garden - what is left of yesterday's tree destruction - they have yet to return to take a liuttle more of - then it will grow from the top once more but mangeable for Ian to trim it - still looks tree coated in the front and the birds are still happy.

the view of the 2 trees from outside my studio - so lovely -
when the light shines through you can enjoy all sorts of patterns but this is to show just how blue the sky is even in August.

I have been playing on my blog and added a subscribe button and a search button - lots of people have been looking for the flower stitcher samples. If you type in flower stitcher it finds all the piccies and entries. Amazing - it seems to work for seeking all manner of stuff.

After the bbq - of course - we will be off to Grant's (where there is fox tv paid for by us) to watch the All Blacks play the Wallabies in Christchurch. Who will win?????


Penny said...

Well I like the hat but shorts??? It hasnt got over 10degrees here all day and now there is an equally freezing wind blowing.
My joints tell me I had a misspent youth (which I did).
Put up a bit about you on my blog hope you get lots of inquiries.

Viv Estill said...

What happens if we subscribe Dale?

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Sorry your trees had to come down, but if they grow from the top you will have themm still, I hate having to take out trees, hope the bbq was good.


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