Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday mutterings

Today Val Holme's book Textile Art Textile 1 arrived. I love it really because it is in French and English so I am practising my French by trying not to read the English. Val is usually next to us at Ally Pally and we enjoy her company and lots of French folk always gravitate to her stand and we listen avidly in the hope of improving our French. This year I think we have all been moved a little way away so not sure where we will be. It's a good book - she says it is for beginners but it is quite innovative - Val always does great work. Last year she was working on a a very creative jacket.

The intrigues of the election continue to dominate the scene and fill the newspapers but we have also enjoyed reading about the All Black win and have to admit that we popped down to Grant's yesterday afternoon and watched it all over again and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 tries at the end second time around. It's easy when you know the result.

The day seems to have flown by with all the usual jobs to do - nothing like packaging Angelina and putting everything away and then someone phoning for more particularly when you haven't packaged extras of those ones. One day I will get on top of it all again. I seem to package 100s and 100s and have it everywhere and then voila - it has all gone. We are waiting on a new shipment - bit like waiting for grass to grow.

I am getting through all my writings and tomorrow hope to spend most of the day in the studio - then I will tell you about our little treat coming up. Exciting times and we also heard today that the Versa Createx Tools are on the high seas so will be here earlier than we thought. I am on the prowl for mylar to cut my stencils.

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Heather said...

I haven't seen Val Holmes book yet - I almost hope I don't want it as space is getting tight! I did a couple of lovely workshops with her before she moved to France. Can't wait to hear about your little treat.


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