Wednesday, August 11, 2010

forgotten August

I forgot to pop up my welcome to August but better late than never.

Because I am working as fast as I can on my colour book - trying to get it to the printers before 25th August and playing with my Okarito journal, I thought I would do some paper casting - one with a eucalyptus leaf (a My Stamp polymer stamp which will emboss on velvet beautifully but not this round), and I have found some surfaces lying around for great texture. They are all sprayed with Moonglow Sprays - you can see the mica - it is so fabulous.

I have done some others and have pocketed parts with Moonshadow Mists to get the walnut effect in places. The leaf here is a variety of embossing enamels with some metallic flakes. I thought it was hi time to clean out my melting pot - it is nice and clean now and all ready for the next adventure.

For the last 2 nights we have had a wonderful lamb shank curry - far too much for one night. But the exercise took me days for some unknown reason. I marinated the shanks in youghurt and spice mix on Friday and then it sat around for days.....


Heather said...

Love those casts Dale - they look almost like leather or metal. Maybe the sitting around developed the flavours in your curry - it sounds delicious.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love the surfaces you have done I feel inspired. Thank for telling us the marinade for the Lamb Shank Curry think I might try it further down the track.


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