Thursday, August 05, 2010

embossed velvet

One of the things I love about the clear polymer stamps is that they emboss on velvet so well. Thanks to Jacinta's training I am quite good at it if I may say so. Here is my beautiful leaf embossed on some of our hand dyed velvet using silver metallic paint. Simple and oh so effective. I simply must now get onto the next few stamps - only planning a small number. For those who have asked - these two will be on the website very soon - Ian is just finishing the newsletter today - they are $17.50 each and come with an info sheet on what you can do and how you can care for them.

Last night we went to the Pavel Haas Quartet as part of the Musica Viva concerts. They are seriously good but I was amazed at how few people there were there. We only went because Musica Viva offered us 3 concerts in excellent spot at a ridiculous price. ACO concerts are packed so there must be something wrong as this group were superb musicians. Maybe chamber much should be in chamber music venues and not a concert hall. When we were students at Canterbury Uni we were rather privileged to have the Prague Quartet in residence and we went to the most wonderful concerts. When we were in Prague we also indulged in wonderful concerts every night if I remember. 

I have spent all morning sorting out trip for after Ally Pally - getting there..... the internet may be good but sometimes it is all rather frustrating. Tell you where we are going as soon as it is all sorted.


Heather said...

The embossed velvet sample is gorgeous - the velvet itself is gorgeous.
What a shame there was not a bigger audience for that lovely music. Hopefully those who did enjoy it will spread the word.

Virginia said...

Wow, that's great Dale!
I love the embossed stamp image . . . now you'll have to share what Jacinta taught you - how do you get it that sharp??


Judy said...


What a yummy embossing sample of your stamps, I will have to resist the urge to have a try I have got so many things I want to do I feel snowed under. It is a shame Musica Viva doesn't attract a bigger following.


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