Monday, August 30, 2010

relaxing time

We are having a wonderful relaxing time at Okarito - it rained most of Saturday but was beautiful and sunny on Sunday - Monday morning geting to be time to go it is another lovely day.  I couldn't resist another photo of the shed on the jetty - I have photographed it each time we have been here and yesterday I bought a postcard of it as well. It sits on the edge of the lagoon.

We have been on some walks through the bush

lots of ferns

deep in the blurry forest

I didn't see any dotterels on thebeach but I did find a shell or two

and lots of stones

Ian brandishing his lovely new camera pictures from which I will post when we get back home. We went to Franz Joseph for dinner last night since we had run out of food - a good spot for a good restaurant opportunity for an aspiring chef - he or she isn't there yet.

A cabbage tree beside the lagoon

I have a bit of dry felting and stitching so not totally unproductive. That velvet will shrivel up when wet felted.

Today we are off to Reefton. Hope you have enjoyed my pics. Have some better ones soon......


Heather said...

Love your pictures Dale, and how my poor tired old feet would love to wade along the edge of the lagoon. I've been to a country show today and it's been hot here! What is it about old sheds that is so appealing? I love them too and the ferns. The stitched felted piece looks interesting.

Judy said...


Lovely pictures of New Zealand, a place I've not been to so really appreciate you sharing your holiday. Keep having fun!


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