Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday eye candy

Can't resist all these lovely colours especially on a lovely sunny should be spring day.

Sad to say Friday is also down she comes day - here is one of the Tree Wise Men lopping down one of our trees - I could hear it crying but we would be crying if it landed on someone's car. They are very tall and Ian assures me everything still looks lovely - we let them grow smaller by leaving the bottom behind - I think that is how he appeases me.

a little leaf made with UTEE - all ready to stitch into something in my journal.

Virginia - you asked how did I get such a lovely embossed image on the velvet. The only stamps which I know work(and Jacinta tells me this) are our polymer ones - the illumination ones and these 2 new ones and My Stamps - you paint them, lay them flat face up on a firm base - I use my granite bench top but a wooden board will work well - lay the velvet top side down and press with a hot dry iron. I have tried all sorts of other stamps - the ones with wooden bottoms - they often lift off the wood and the rubber ones don't give such a clear impression. That's why I went for these 2 new polymer stamps and have a few more on the ready.  It's easy when you have the right stamps.


Heather said...

Those thread colours are so gorgeous Dale and I love your embossed leaf - what a great idea. Hope your tree will reward you by sprouting from the base.

carole brungar said...

Thought I could hear tree screams from here! LOL

Julie said...

Thank you for the tip on embossing velvet Dale. Don't you hate it when trees have to come down? Our neighbours cut down some beautiful silver birch that were getting too tall and I was heartbroken.

Linda said...

Hi Dale, lovely threads, and the UTEE leaf is just beautiful. I still haven't used the UTEE I purchased last year!!! Thanks for the embossing tips. Love the stamps.

Hope the tree grows bigger and thicker than ever in time.


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