Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Friday

We have had some lovely rain but not really a lot - the gardens need it. You don't expect to have to hand water in winter. I have been playing with Xpandaprint and stencils and sprays and mica. I am really pleased with this stone effect - just need to add some stitch next.

This is the back of it - worked on craft vilene - the Xpandaprint is the white and I rather like the effect - I am thinking when I have stitched it that it will be a page on its own because each side is so different.

Here I have stamped onto craft vilene with Xpandaprint, heated and rubbed with metallic wax and then brushed Magical Mica over the surface having first sprayed on a secret ingredient. I am quite thrilled with the effect of it

We received a very large shipment of sari ribbon and associated stuff today - and I had ordered a small amount of sari ribbon in stone colours - this is what they sent. It has the greys, a bit of dark purple/burgundy and that shade of green plus other colours. This picture has almost an oil slick look to it. Quite different from the usual brights - I am thinking I might try for other different colours next time. They cost more because they have to sort them to get the shades one might ask for. I am going to tackle some with my embellisher tomorrow.


Heather said...

Lovely shimmery textures Dale and the Sari ribbon is such an unusual colour - very useful and gorgeous. I love your green metallic design with the secret ingredient. Glad you are getting rain - we are hoping for a bit more sun before saying goodbye to summer. It's been lovely this year but we had to wait a long time for it.

Ev said...

the ribbons look very much like seaweed drying out on the shore.

I think you need to organise a hands on technique class for us Dale. I would love to do some of these but I prefer to learn by being shown


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